Paw’s The Word

Good morning and a very happy Saturday to you! How was your week? Mine was a pretty uneventful one, filled with lots of work and plenty of frequent raindrops. All I can say is thank goodness its the weekend now as I have some fun plans including a curry night for my granddad’s birthday tonight and a trip to London. However, today’s post is dedicated to the lovely people over at Lucky Paws Boutique and they are Sammy and Missy. If you haven’t already, make sure to Tweet them a hello, you can find them as @LuckyPaws or @MissyMoo.



Polly and I first bumped into Sam and Missy at our first dog show a few weeks ago, luckily I took one of their lovely cards and got in touch with them again over the internet. Everything the boutique sells is so cute, but I began my first order with just two bits, something for both Polly and her future sister! Open-mouthed smile I got Polly a pink harness and later on bought a jumper from their eBay Store for our future little puppy.


Both items arrived in the post very quickly on Thursday, and Polly and I would like to say a big, big thank you to Lucky Paws, firstly for the beautiful items and secondly for being such a pleasure to buy from. Sam was always keeping me updated on the status of my order, and I think that its nice to have a little bit of knowledge of how your purchases are coming along. Plus its especially nice to feel like someone actually cares about what they are sending you for a change. Smile


Here are some pictures of Polly being a pug-poser in her lovely new harness:





Plus how excited am I to have an adorable item ready for when our second baby arrives in the autumn, its beginning to feel so real all of a sudden! How cute is this jumper?!




I know that Polly has got lots of doggy followers on Twitter so please be sure to check out what Lucky Paws Boutique has to offer – I’m sure that something will tickle your pickle, there really are lots of gorgeous buys at a very affordable price! Or better still if you’re local Sammy does the stall and regularly posts where she is going with it!


Once again, thank you to LPB for the lovely bits we will definitely be returning to you again soon Smile If you have any comments or questions about today’s post please feel free to contact me on Twitter or Facebook. Have a great weekend! x x


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