The Great British Summer

What a summer this is turning out to be in regards of the weather. It saddens me that I have been turning to my raincoat, umbrella and chunky waterproof boots in mid-July.  Most of my summer dresses haven’t even left the wardrobe this year yet! Its depressing because summer is the time when everyone is out and about here and there but these heavy downpours prevent you from doing that quite so freely (unless you’re okay with getting drenched to the bone!) However that wasn’t the spirit of a lot of people yesterday.


Mum and I made a brief appearance at Beth’s Dog show and I was pleased to see plenty of people had made an effort to give their support despite the awful weather! There were lots of fun stalls that we browsed and loads of dogs were entering the show. Because of the weather we only stayed for a short while and so I didn’t enter Polly in any of the classes, although had the weather been nicer I would have liked to. I did end up buying Polly a few treats including some toys, a new jumper and harness.


I seriously hope that a proper summer is just around the corner!


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