We had some sad news this morning when my dad went downstairs to make a cup of tea and discovered that my sweet little guinea pig Calypso had passed away in the night. We think that she has been poorly for the last week or so since she gradually stopped eating. She was five years old which is a fair age for a piggy considering she has been alone for a whole year with her sister’s death last June. We worried she would pine terribly for Caramel but she managed to keep going for another thirteen months without her sister in the cadge with her.

june 2008 022

Thankfully she didn’t appear to be in any pain towards the end, I think that she had just become very old and slow in herself all of a sudden, and thus deteriorated before our eyes this last week. We were going to take her to the vet but we thought that the trauma of it would have been a bit cruel on her fragile little body and we let time do its thing. Nature took its course, and Lulu went peacefully in her sleep.


Its so very sad when an animal passes away because they really do make an imprint on your heart. And actually, even the smallest of animals have the ability to touch our lives in such a big way. I have so many sweet memories of my guinea pigs together, they are lovely docile creatures and made beautiful pets in our home for the past five years. The absence of their cadge in the house is very odd at the moment Sad smile

I find comfort in hoping that somewhere my two piggies are skipping around freely in the grass together Red heart 

RIP little one.


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