Sometimes I Can’t Help Myself

Sometimes I can’t help myself.


Oh scrap that. SometimesI can’t help myself.

Let me start this post again. I can’t help myself. There I said it. I admit that I am very much  a ‘see it, want it’ type of girl. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Its good because it drives me to save my money every month as I’ve always got a goal in my mind. I’m very lucky because my parents have taught me to be good with money, and where they are good with their money they have always been changing their own cars. I think I may be taking after them because I got my first car in September 2009. It was lovely and served its purpose to me, in every way shape and form – hell it was pink! What more could a girl want from a first car?


Well actually it turns out that having a pink car certainly wears off. In the end I was so ready to change from my pink set of wheels. But this is where the not being able to help myself part fits in. I think I changed too drastically. I’m talking about a pink to blue sort of change here!


Could I have been any more contrasting?

Do not get me wrong. My Fiesta was/is absolutely wonderful. Its a really fun drive and a big step up from my first KA. I really do enjoy driving the Fiesta. I think they are a lovely car but for some reason ever since I’ve had it I’ve kind of felt like its not the right car for me personally…. I don’t know its lovely but it doesn’t suit me like my KA kind of did, even though I wanted to change it in the end.

For the past couple of months I’ve been loosely looking into Mini Coopers but today I happened to pass a garage with loads of Mini’s outside and spontaneously decided to go in. Here is the part where I repeat that when I see something I usually want it. So surprise, surprise today I walked away from a black Mini Cooper convertible,with a deposit down in my name.

What can I say? I like to keep things exciting!


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