Pug Stats–Seven Months

Hello, can you believe its already time for another Pug Stats post?! Yesterday Polly turned seven months old which means its time for another update on Polly and I’m relieved to say that she is still fit and healthy. Obviously after our terrible accident on Friday, Polly isn’t as blossoming as she could be, but she is fighting strong!


In case you didn’t hear, Polly swallowed a bone and had to be operated on immediately to remove it from her stomach. I was a nervous, emotional wreck sick with worry. I’d just got back from a short break away, where I had missed her so much and then to have to see her in this heart breaking situation just took me over the edge. The vet was confident that it was a fairly routine procedure and that everything was going to be alright, but I was still seriously shaken up.

By some stroke of luck, we had Polly home the same night. She was confused, unsteady on her feet and looked very sorry for herself, the poor little poppet. It was so sad to watch, but she was home and she was safe. Saturday morning and Polly was her bright, cheeky self once again and if it wasn’t for the big bandage on her tummy you wouldn’t have known anything had even happened to her. Her tummy is going to be scarred which is sad but obviously the alternative doesn’t even bare thinking about.

I would just like to add, how very grateful I was for all the support Polly and I received from Twitter everyone was seriously so kind and caring, and I felt a tiny bit better just from hearing your supportive words. We really appreciated it so thank you to everyone who Tweeted us, it meant a lot! x

Anyway, as Polly enters the seventh month of her life – I’m confident that her little wounded body isn’t going to stop her having a whale of a time! And with any luck her body will heal as we will do everything in our hands to get her on the mend as quickly as possible. Thankfully her fun loving personality has survived the tragedy on Friday. And that is the theme of today’s post: Polly’s wonderful, cheeky personality.

She’s only seven months old but Polly has already had such an exciting little pug life: here are some of the things Polly has done in her so far:

She has seen snow.


She started Puppy classes.


She has been to the seaside.


She had a Tweet&Meet with doggy pals at the park.


She received her first rosette.


She had her first bath.


She attended her first dog show and won some rosettes.


She has played in the park off her lead.


And so many more experiences to come!


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