The Lead Came Off

The weekend is almost over, and its been a busy one for me since the word go! But I just had to squeeze in one more post today as we had yet another brand new experience with Polly this morning that I’m so pleased to announce. We went to the dog park with my mum’s friends Dianne and Barry and their dog Rudy, and Polly has been itching to come off the lead for a few weeks now but we haven’t had the courage to do it. But while we had the added protection of another dog walking with her to keep in a pack plus a very enclosed park, I finally found the courage to unclip Polly’s lead and let her run free.


She had an absolute blast! She was chasing after Rudy, dashing in and out of the grass and grinning ear to ear the entire time she was off her lead. Doesn’t she look so pleased with herself?


I couldn’t quite believe that my little girl was off the lead darting around the park like a mad little freak but she was! I kept squealing with excited nerves but Polly just absolutely loved it! She’s growing up so fast!

Question Of The Day –  dog owners: how did you feel the first time you let your pooch off the lead?



What an eventful weekend we have had! Its safe to say I am flawed now and ready to plop into bed. Goodnight people x x


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