A Pug’s First Fun Dog Show

Good morning, I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far.  Yesterday, mum and I did something a little different with Polly Pug – we took her to her first charity dog show! Actually it was the first dog show that any of us had been to, but lets be honest yesterday wasn’t about the humans it was all about the dogs! And we saw plenty of those at the show yesterday. We had such good fun and it was in the name of charity which is always a bonus.


We attended the Brompton Westbrook Fun Dog show yesterday, which was organised by the trainers who run Polly’s training so it was good to go and support them too.


 (Photo credit Above: Heidi Strong – link to image here.)

Upon arrival we signed in and received our entry number,which was number 32. Once the judging started at 11am all we had to do was drop a pound into the donations box and we could enter as many competitions as we wanted to. There were twelve competitions in total, such as best fancy dress, prettiest bitch, most handsome dog to name just a few.


All of the dogs in fancy dress were brilliant! Next time we’re definitely taking something for Polly to dress up in! There were dogs dressed as babies, lady birds, and even a pug dressed as Elvis Presley!


A little before the first show started we had a quick mooch around the stalls that were selling bits for dogs and their owners, there was a lovely stall with dog clothing on called Lucky Paws Boutique, I didn’t buy anything but I took their business card and I’m sure that it will come in handy in the not too distant future as I’m always spoiling Polly with new accessories!


Also check out the gorgeous pug modelling some of their products! The lady on the stall had her adorable puppy with her too, and told us that the pug in the picture was her puppy’s ‘boyfriend’ haha so cute!


(Photo credit Above: Heidi Strong – link to image here.)

Before we knew it, it was judging time! I didn’t enter Polly for the fancy dress but I enjoyed watching all the other dogs who did!


The dogs and their owners all lined up in front of the judges, who really did have some tricky decisions to make. Most people got their dogs to sit or stand for the judges to observe and once a decision was made rosettes went out for up to fourth place.


(Photo credit Above: Heidi Strong – link to image here.)


The first competition I entered Polly in was prettiest bitch, she was very excited inside the judging area with all the smells of new dogs and people around her. Luckily she managed to keep her composure and she walked away with a little certificate for very highly commended.


Polly posing with her certificate.


We sat out for a couple of rounds as the competitions didn’t apply to us, such as handsome dog and best veteran. However when the Most Appealing Eyes competition was announced I knew we had to enter Polly with her big pug puppy eyes.


We got in some good training practice while being judged! Winking smile



After what seemed like a long pause, the judges made their decision for the Most Appealing Eyes, and we were pleasantly surprised when they called out number 32 in first place! Polly got a rosette for her first show!!


‘Well whats this then?’


‘Can I get some more treats for this now please?’


Well done Polly Pug!



We entered Polly in a couple more including cutest puppy and best trick, where she did a cute ‘paw’ and came third place Smile



Unfortunately we couldn’t stay until the end as it ran later than I expected and I was due to start my shift at work at 2! I would have liked to stay until the end to watch the winner receive best in show, but I guess we will have to wait until next time!

All in all both Polly Pug and myself thoroughly enjoyed our first dog show! Here were her winnings from the day:


It was a nice experience for Polly and its always good meeting other dogs and their owners! Expect to see some more dog show posts from me in the future!

Well done to everyone who entered and a big thank you to Penny and her team for organising a great show! Please share any comments you may have or your own experiences at any shows or competitions in the comments section below or alternatively find me on Facebook or Twitter


One thought on “A Pug’s First Fun Dog Show

  1. Well done Polly (and Grace) – what a successful first show for you both. Bet you have now been bitten by the bug and will be at every local show you can attend!! See you there! Lovely pictures of a lovely little girl. xxxx
    Penny and the gang.

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