Tesco Strawberries Versus Our Strawberries

Just like that, the conditions have turned on us again! From warm sun to wind and rain in the space of twenty four hours. Hands up who is tired of all the wet, blustery weather? I’m assuming that will be everyone then. Despite the fact that tonight looks and sounds more like an October night than a June one, I still believe summer is here somewhere… there were signs of it my dessert this evening at least. Strawberries. You can’t deny that when you see a strawberry you think of summer don’t you?


I must now confess that the strawberries I had with my vanilla ice cream tonight were not grown by us though. They were in fact from a punnet in Tesco as ours aren’t quite ready yet! The strawberries on our plot are so close so I don’t think that it won’t be long until we can pick them for ourselves!


However, on my Grandma’s plot next door her strawberries are a bit ahead of ours and we have been lucky enough to pick and try some!


The first picture is of the strawberries on our plot, you can see they are smaller in size and a lot greener in comparison to the picture above of one of Grandma’s strawberries. As you probably see, the colour is riper and the shape of the fruit has really begun to form.

When it comes to picking the best strawberries I have tasted in the last week out of ours and Tesco’s, it is easily the ones from my Grandma’s plot. I’m not just saying that either, everything about the hand picked strawberries was nicer, from the sweet taste to the firmness of ours, they were miles better. The flavour of Tesco’s strawberries were inferior compared to ours, kind of watery rather than juicy? Anyone else found the same results?

Can’t wait for our strawberries to finally be ready… just hope nothing pecks at them in the mean time….


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