Our Afternoon At Grove Ferry

Good evening! Its been a beautiful, warm, sunny day here in Kent. Luckily for us Wednesdays are our day off together as a family which meant that we got to make the most of the lovely day doing whatever we liked. The morning was spent as many others are for us (down at the gym) but this afternoon we decided to do something a little bit different for a change, and that was to take a trip to Grove Ferry.


I’ve only gone past Grove Ferry before while out with mum, who drives around for her job, and we have been saying that we would come here one day for a while now. It always looks so picturesque but where we are always busy we haven’t got round to stopping off. Well we made today that ‘one day’ as the sun was beaming giving us no excuses to make a little trip to Grove Ferry.






We had our lunch at a special picnic site and it was absolutely gorgeous. The tranquil views of the river were so lovely to sit and look at on a warm summer’s day. There were only a few other picnic-goers around and so it was very peaceful quietly observing the boats and wildlife around us. We found a spot at the edge with a picnic bench to eat.


I’m not the only one finished their exams for the summer – look who else came on our picnic today Open-mouthed smile


Its Gary!


On the picnic menu: tuna roll with cherry tomatoes


eaten open-faced



Little one sat under the table in the shade… waiting for any food to drop…


We had lots of pug posing today too, by the river with mum….


giving me kisses …


and also loads of tongue wagging to cool down.



We ate our picnic at a leisurely pace and then headed round the corner to the Grove Ferry Inn, a charming pub full of character and more tranquil river views in the garden.


The exterior and interior alike are very impressive, with a front bar and dining area on the ground floor. We didn’t really have too much of a look inside today though as we wanted to spend the lovely day outdoors, and luckily the Grove Ferry Inn has a very open spacious garden, with plenty of seating areas to pick from.


We snuck round the corner looking out to several willows to enjoy our drink.


You can tell that this is a real family friendly pub which I think says a lot about a place: there was a huge play area for children at the rear which must be a winner for all the people bringing children to occupy them happily. Dogs are also allowed in the front bar away from the dining area so if the weather wasn’t as brilliant as it was today its good to know we could have taken Polly in the front.


Obviously as we had just eaten a yummy picnic we only stopped off for a drink, but the smells lingering from neighbouring tables have definitely made me want to return to the Grove Ferry for a meal soon!


We love a good pub garden!



The warm weather started to take it out on us all mid-afternoon and we all had a little nap on the journey home.


Although we weren’t lucky enough to stop for a meal at the pub, a BBQ at home certainly made up for that: BBQ on a weekday is an absolute treat! Look at that dinner! Open-mouthed smile


Well, while the sun is shining you gotta make the most of it…..

Question Of The Day – what is your favourite BBQ food?



Lovely day in the sunshine, I look forward to returning to Grove Ferry again very soon! Thank you for reading, you can find FPF on Facebook and also on Twitter now on @FoodPlusFashion – be great to hear from you -Grace x


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