Summer Treasures–My First Haul

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend!

I’m very keen to get back into regular blogging again now my uni work is out of the way for the summer. I’ve got lots coming up that I can’t wait to share on my blog, my birthday in just over a week for starters!  But for today’s post I am going to be talking about a few little girly bits I picked up in the shops and online in the last couple of weeks that I can’t get enough of. This is my first haul-styled post so here goes! Page1

I’m just going to kick off with a quick list of the things I am going to be mentioning in this Summer Haul: Cath Kidston Petal accessories, Claireabella classic bag, Cheeky Alice fragrance by Vivienne Westood and Drama Queen Nail Enamel from a collection called Sinful.


Okay so starting off with one of my favourite brands at the moment: Cath Kidston. I could happily spend hours just browsing round the Cath Kidston shop at Bluewater if I had my way, I just love all of the pretty patterns, colours and accessories they come with. Its rare if I walk out a Cath Kidston store without purchasing something, and when I went shopping last Friday I made no exception to this rule. I bought a makeup case and zip purse from the ‘Petal’ collection.


I’ve been eyeing up the ‘Petal’ collection for a little while now, as I’m completely drawn to the design with all the big retro styled flowers. I think the combination of colours is really summery too as they range from pink to blue. Typically I think I do prefer the more delicate flower designs in Cath Kidston stuff, however I was in the right mood for this bigger, bolder print on Friday.


The makeup case was £10 and the zip purse was £6. Taking into consideration the quality of these products I think the price sounds completely reasonable. Both items are made out of oilcloth material which is so practical – it has a lovely smooth feel and at the same time stays clean. The material also has a way of maintaining that ‘newly purchased’ look because of the way it makes the accessories shine.

You are probably thinking right now that a purse and makeup bag is the last thing I need, and yes you’re probably right there as I do seem to have hundreds of them! However I am guilty of being one of those girls who needs wants a purse and a makeup case for every bag they own. I like to keep a makeup case in every bag with all of my essential bits and then I can just chuck in whatever else I need to take for the day like my lipstick. And this is where the following item fits in nicely, a new bag of course!


Not just any old bag though! I succumbed to the Claireabella bandwagon! I ordered this back at the end of May because I heard that they take a little while to be made and ideally I wanted it for my birthday week next week. Thankfully I received it through the post on Saturday! I was so happy it came in time and I must say it is absolutely lovely!


I had been admiring the Claireabella hype through good old social networking, mainly on the Twitter feed with celebs and normal people alike posting pictures of their lovely Claireabellas. Realising how tricky it is to get hold of an original I headed over to ToxicFox to get myself a classic – watch this video if you’re not sure what the difference is.


I love the way that you can personalise the bags to match your appearance with the option to change outfits and hair/eye colour. I have to admit that I am so taken with it that I wouldn’t be surprised if I found myself ordering another style down the line at some point.


I went for the large jute bag as medium or small probably wouldn’t fit all my stuff in, plus you may as well get the large one to flaunt the style off as much as possible! The total price that I spent on the bag including postage was £42.98. I suppose some people may argue that is a bit pricey but sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself and this lovely, really is a treat! I personally think it was money well spent as clearly someone has put effort into this and at the end of the day you’re paying for a contemporary design too.


And there are so many finishing touches that truly make it sparkle: it is dusted in glitter and embellished with a dainty bow and charm that reads ‘Hand Made With Love.’ It really was worth waiting for! I can’t wait to flaunt it when I go away for a couple of days after my birthday!


The following two items in my summer haul are a little more beauty related…


First up I want to talk about my new fragrance Cheeky Alice by Vivienne Westwood.
My mum’s friend actually bought me this back from their holiday, so I don’t know if it can be included in a haul if I didn’t technically buy this myself.. but I’m going to go ahead and talk about it anyway Winking smile


I love my fragrances, and I have lots of perfumes I wear as my ‘best’ perfumes i.e at the weekends and when I go out anywhere. However what I was really after was a new everyday fragrance that is light and wearable on a regular basis. I think this was launched last year but I only discovered it quite recently. Cheeky Alice is exactly the sort of fragrance I was looking for for every day use, its feminine and delicate. Naturally because its Vivienne Westwood, the bottle and packaging are uniquely stylish. I have to make a guess at the price of this item as I received it as a gift, but I think they start from around £30 for a 30ml bottle. Mine is the 75ml bottle.

And so, the last item on the list of my summer haul today is a nail polish called Drama Queen. The make is called Sinful and I think its like a professional brand as I buy it from a supplier (Capital) where my Dad buys all of his hairdressing products from. This is a 15ml bottle which I got for the bargain price of £2.85!


I’m in nail varnish heaven whenever Dad lets me go to Capital as there are so many gorgeous nail varnish shades to pick from. I took ages deciding on this colour believe me. Eventually I went for Drama Queen because its sort of in between my two favourite colours, purple and pink.

When it comes to nail varnish for me, the most important things are: colour, application and durability. I’ve briefly mentioned the colour so I don’t really need to say too much else n that. So onto application, I like nail varnishes to have a long brush as I personally find them easiest to use as you can make a precise 1-2-3 motion with them. This bottle has the ideal brush, its so easy to apply!


Another important thing when applying nail varnish for me is the speed in which it dries. Obviously you can impact how quickly polish dries with how thickly you coat it on, but some nail varnishes are just a nightmare to dry which I hate! Thankfully the Sinful polish dried so quickly I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was able to put on two coats within 15 minutes and both had dried!


The final thing that makes a great nail varnish for me is whether it is durable. Nail varnish that chips after 1 hour is a big NO NO. I despise chipped looking finger nails with a passion. I understand that we use our hands a lot, we use our fingers more than we think too, so nail varnish doesn’t last forever. On saying that its very nice when it lasts for longer than an hour. I’ve had up to three days wear with this polish chip-free (with the addition of a top coat I should add) which I thought was pretty good! The top coat also really gives the nails a nice shine. I think you will definitely be seeing this colour on my nails a lot in the upcoming summer weeks… (unless I get tempted and buy another colour!)

And that’s it for today’s haul!


I had fun writing this post I really hope you enjoyed reading it! If you’ve got any comments or questions about the stuff I’ve spoken about please feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @graceyblossom


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