Turning Fifty Two– Part Two

If you missed part one of my Dad’s birthday celebrations you can catch it here. On Wednesday it was Dad’s Birthday and we all had a really lovely time enjoying his day. It definitely helped that the weather was gorgeous, we actually had blue skies and beaming sunshine which made a lovely change from what we have been used to the last week or so: rain, rain rain.


Our dining room received yet another make over this week, from union jacks for our jubilee BBQ to Birthday decorations! Well it is the Birthday period for us in the next couple of weeks – got to make the most of it!


While everyone was out on Tuesday I secretly decorated the dining room with Happy Birthday flags, banners and napkins to surprise my Dad when he got home.






Dad loved his little early birthday surprise! 


Luckily though, the weather was so nice we didn’t have to spend a lot of time indoors on Wednesday. We had coffee and lunch in the garden at home before we took a trio to the coast.


I’m going to have to think up what I’m going to do for my birthday after this as I had originally liked to take a trip to the seaside but I don’t want to look like a copy cat Winking smile


It was early afternoon by the time we got to Whitstable and so the four of us were ready for a walk around. We started at the fish market by the harbour where all of the new sights and smells were driving puggy nuts! Lots of pulling on her harness ensued,hence why I am picking her up in the following pictures.


Birthday boy, pug and myself in the harbour at the start of our walk.


Someone didn’t want her picture taken by the looks of things!


But Polly couldn’t keep up that act for very long because she was quickly posing for a close up over my shoulder a couple of minutes later. Look at that adorable face! Ignore me looking like a proud parent, but anyone would if they had a puppy this gorgeous, right?


Pug pose!



Back to our pleasant walk along the seafront. I adore the smells and sights at the coast a bit like Polly seems to.



Everything looks so much prettier and summery when the sun is out and the sky is blue!


Our walk took us briefly along the high street.


Until eventually we turned around to head back for the harbour where we stopped for coffee at The Harbour Garden Cafe. We only had drinks but it was such a great location to stop at even just briefly like we did. I’ve been going to Whitstable all of my life and I didn’t even know this place existed until Wednesday. If someone would have asked me I would have guessed it had only been around for a little while but according to the website its been going since 2007!


The location sings out seaside charm, boasting this view:


Which we enjoyed with the addition of a delicious cup of coffee.


Latte for me, cappuccino for mum,


and beer for the Birthday boy.


We were all really glad that we chose this cafe to stop at, not only was I impressed with the view and good cup of coffee, I also loved the decor – red and white tablecloths are such a winner in my eyes. Definitely got a soft spot for any cafe with a red and white tablecloth!


Polly really behaved herself while we stopped as Mum and I played pass the pug – we both wanted her on our lap!


I think I managed to hold on to her for longest though. I am her mummy after all Open-mouthed smile


Local readers: definitely check out The Harbour Garden cafe this summer if you happen to be in the Whitstable area one day!


After our gap for refreshments we meandered back to the car as the time was quickly getting on and we had dinner arrangements later.


We all smarted ourselves up a tad and made our way down to the local where we met Grandma and Pops and Gary!


I ordered the veggie lasagne. I’ve had it before here and it was really satisfying, naturally I expected the same again, but it was a tiny bit disappointing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on the reason why.


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would! Maybe that’s why I was disappointed. Who knows? Everyone else enjoyed their tasty meals for Dad’s birthday so that was the main thing Red heart

I LOVE June. I LOVE birthdays! Glad we made my Dad’s day enjoyable for him! And speaking of days dedicated to our Dads … Fathers Day tomorrow! x


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