Birthday Month Commences

As the hype of the jubilee weekend slowly rolls to a close, today kicked off the start of another set of celebrations: birthday celebrations! June is officially birthday month in my family, I don’t think that there is a week where someone doesn’t have a birthday this month. Today little Amie, the closest thing I have to calling a ‘niece’ (one of the down sides to being an only child) was the birthday girl. Her actual birthday is the sixth but Caroline and Steve hosted a little party in her name today, so I popped round to watch present opening and play party games.


The cold, damp, miserable British weather meant that the party was held indoors, naturally filling the house up with family. Both sets of Amie’s grandparents were there and both her two Uncles, one of which being Gary of course, so there was definitely a full house gathered for Amie!Page1

The place spelled out ‘Birthday’ from head to toe with pretty decorations, balloons, cards, and unwrapped presents scattered around.






My attention was drawn to the Barbie dolls sitting proudly at the top of a pile of lovely presents. I couldn’t help but think back to my own childhood at the sight of the plastic dolls figures, a toy that gave me endless hours of delight as a little girl. Seeing children play happily with their toys has a way of making me all warm and fuzzy – its such a pleasure to watch  especially when they are as sweet as Amie and Owen. Smile


Amie’s eyes lit up when her Mum bought through a final, brightly wrapped package, only to find out it was for a game of pass the parcel! Its a tough life!


Music channel set , parcel in place , players assembled – ready, steady, go!







Owen was the winner Open-mouthed smile


After pass the parcel we watched some more jubilee stuff on the TV, chatted away and sipped our drinks.


I tried a glass of a J20 that I’d never tasted before which was peach and papaya. I thought it was quite nice to begin with as it was sweet, but it had a sharp after taste and I felt my mouth grow bitter after I finished the glass. I wouldn’t have managed an entire bottle of it, nothing on the original flavours!


I couldn’t stay for food as I still had a load of revision to get through tonight Sad smile I cannot wait to get this exam over with. Summer couldn’t come any sooner. Weather and exam freedom wise. Plus I want to wear summer dresses. Like now. For now I will just wear bright summer colours and pretend its nice out, even when its not….and by the way my flower power top below was from Primark for a whopping £2.


Top for £2 is just ridiculous. Good ridiculous though. 

Three weeks left of being a teenager. Yikes. Disappointed smile


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