Our Jubilee Celebrations

Good morning, how is your long bank holiday weekend going so far? I had a lovely Saturday and Sunday soaking up the jubilee festivities. Despite the dismal weather across most of the country I think its fair to say that everyone still managed to keep up the jolly spirit for the jubilee weekend! Well they did in this house anyway! Saturday kicked off with a jubilee themed BBQ at our house.


However when I woke up first thing in the morning, the chances of our BBQ were beginning to look a bit uncertain with the damp, drizzling British weather potentially set to spoil our plans. The sky was full of rain clouds, the grass was damp and the temperatures were very cool for an early June morning – not the sort of summer weather I’m wanting but nothing we can do to change it I suppose.


We spent the majority of last week preparing the house and garden for our own little celebration, buying lots of union jack accessories ready for the weekend and generally giving the place a good spring clean. So even though the weather wasn’t cheerful thankfully our home was! By the afternoon the damp weather had shifted as the rain clouds turning less threatening, the BBQ was still going ahead! Once the weather had confirmed the BBQ was still on, it was all about putting the finishing touches to the dining room where we ended up spending most of the evening as it was too cold to sit out.


I moved the decorations around some more, putting the banners up in the patio doors, sticking some of the flags to various places and also scattering napkins around for people to grab.


But because the table cloth in our dining room is an orange shade, it was clashing big time with the red,white and blue theme I had going on. I knew we had to change the table cloth for the event, but where our dining room hasn’t long been decorated we only had a limited selection to choose from. Luckily mum threw on this white laced table cloth, which although I thought was pretty I wasn’t too keen on it to begin with. 


I’m not sure what it was but I spent a good while debating taking the lace off and leaving it as normal. It wasn’t until I finally stepped back to take a look at the room as a whole that I appreciated the addition of the laced table cloth. Not only does it look quite quaint and British but it makes everything else around it stand out.


As the BBQ was being rolled out of the garage into the garden mum and I slowly started filling the table up with a few bits and bobs like salt, pepper and a big selection of sauces. The place was starting to look BBQ ready!


Dad is the man for the next job. For as long as I can remember he has done the BBQ-ing in our family as he always does such a good job at it while Mum does all of the preparation of salad and side dishes for the BBQ feast. At around 3oclock, bunting flapping gaily in the trees, flags waving above the summer house – it was time to light the BBQ in the name of the jubilee celebrations!


Wahoo! Our first BBQ of the year!


It took about an hour for the BBQ to work up enough heat to start cooking stuff, and by this point the delicious smells emitted were driving my little pug nuts. I decided to take her for a half hour walk to the park to distract her nose. Crazy pug and a hot BBQ is not a good combination and that was with her kept tightly on a lead! I think it bugged her that she was confined on her lead in the garden as she is so used to roaming about it freely.


As the afternoon progressed, the aroma from the BBQ grew increasingly appetising as more and more food was being grilled to crispy, delicious perfection. Our guests for the evening arrived just in time to enjoy the smell of the food they were about to eat. Hello Grandma and Pops! Smile


We spent a little bit of time chatting in the garden prior to sitting up for the BBQ feast, but not as long as I had hoped to spend in the garden earlier this week. It was so chilly for June! My legs froze!


Jacket was required on this occasion! Come on summer sort it out!


Once all the meat was cooked and ready to be taken inside for mum to dish up, we put two pepper halves on the BBQ, I had to take a picture of the peppers as I think they really look like typical summer food especially placed on the grill to cook! Delicious!


Another delicious sight was seeing the table spread of BBQ food ready for the family to enjoy. What a feast! Open-mouthed smile



We had bowls of salad, beans, coleslaw, humus and french bread to help ourselves to.





As well as all of the BBQ meat too of course! There were burgers, hot dogs, crispy chicken and sausages. So much food!


All of the meat was cooked to perfection, crispy and full of that grilled BBQ taste. It was excellent to kick the BBQ season off with and it was especially nice to celebrate in the name of the jubilee!


Saturday evening and the majority of yesterday we enjoyed relaxing in front of the television enjoying all of the patriotic shenanigans from the comfort of our sofas. We watched the beginning of the pageant and later in the evening the documentary Gary Barlow On Her Majesty’s Service which I found really enjoyable! Looking forward to watching the concert on TV tonight!

How have you been celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?


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