Pug Stats Six Month Special

Hello and welcome to an extra special Pug Stats Post! Polly is half a year old today! I seem to be saying this frequently but time is absolutely flying! I can’t believe I bought my little girl home four months ago when she was just a tiny little baby.


For this special milestone pug statistic post I have decided to pack as much information as possible and compare it back to how she was when she first came home. And then six months down the line when she turns a year old I can compare how much she has changed once again.

Size, Appearance and Personality.

Obviously Polly has got noticeably bigger in the four months she’s been home, and I’ve been tracking her growth on the blog as I go along. (See below a month by month comparison) but what has been even more noticeable for us is how Polly’s personality has formed over the weeks. She has got such a huge personality, she is full of mischief, loves to play, loves to have all the attention on her and just generally has a very energetic buzz for life. I really love that she has such a huge personality but obviously at times she is hard work. Where she constantly wants to put her nose in on all the action, she is by your side all the time making her presence known. And if she’s not by your side you know she’s causing mischief somewhere else…

As a result of her eager tendencies to be in on all the action, this means she hardly ever settles down. She finds it hard to settle in the evenings because she’s worried she’s missing out on something. I’m surprised that she doesn’t like to snuggle down with me in the evenings, and a big part of me hopes she will and that this is an energetic puppy phase but part of me says she’ll always be in on the action 24/7. Winking smile

A brief comment on her appearance then, because frankly I could go on and on about how gorgeous Polly is, but honestly I can’t believe my luck that I ended up with such a pretty little pug. I love all pugs – their big happy faces, their ageless wrinkles and their big soulful eyes. However, I never imagined that when I got my pug that it would have all of those qualities I love and more. Because I’m addicted to accessories, I spoil her rotten with collars, leads, harnesses and name tags and she looks cute as a button in everything!

Growth comparisons.

Two Months:
– Height – 6″ / 18cm.
– Neck – 8″ / 20.5cm.
– Tummy – 12″ / 30.6cm.
– Leg (Front) – 3″ / 8cm.
– Body (Neck to tail) – 7″ / 18cm.

Three Months:
– Height – 7” / 15.5cm.
– Neck – 10″ / 25.5cm.
– Tummy – 13″ / 30.6cm.
– Leg (Front) – 5.5″ / 14cm.
– Body (Neck to tail)– 10”/25.5cm

Four Months:
– Height – 9” / 22.8cm.
– Neck – 12”/ 30.4cm.
– Tummy – 15”/ 38.1cm.
– Leg (Front) – 6”/ 15.2cm.
– Body (Neck to tail)– 10”/ 25.4cm.

Five Months:
– Height – 10”/ 25.4cm.
– Neck – 12”/ 30.4cm.
– Tummy – 15”/ 38.1cm.
– Leg (Front) – 7”/ 17.78cm.
– Body (Neck to tail)–12”/ 30.50cm.

Here are her current measurements:
– Height – 10” / 25.4cm.
– Neck – 12”/ 30.4cm.
– Tummy – 16”/ 40.6cm.
– Leg (Front) – 8”/20.3cm.
– Body (Neck to tail) – 13”. 33.0cm.


Wow. Where do I start on this? In addition to having a pretty face, this pug is smart. Really smart. She picks things up very quickly, and her obedience improves every single day. For example the other day when I was sitting in the garden with her, I decided to teach her ‘paw’ and she literally picked it up within an hour. I don’t know if maybe thats an easy example to give but still you get the picture.

I think her training is one of the biggest accomplishments for me because I’ve never had dogs and I was (maybe still am) completely clueless on them. I’ve said before what a marvellous job puppy classes are, and I am so happy with the one we go to, its a lovely little community to immerse Polly into and plus she has learnt tonnes. I would 100% recommend puppy classes, they’re so beneficial all round its untrue.


So obviously when Polly came home four months ago, she was just a nervous, inexperienced little puppy. And how it couldn’t be more different today, Polly is confident, sure of herself and knows what you’re asking from her. She can do a number of things now. But then again, because she is so mischievous it depends what sort of mood she is in. If she’s excited or stubborn she can be quite defiant. We still have occasional toilet accidents in our house, moments when you’re calling her to come and she completely ignores you etc. But apart from those naughty little moments she is doing wonderfully in terms of training.



So some general updates now on teething, periods, and puppy food. Just a week after Polly hit the five month mark we noticed signs she was really teething, constantly chewing something for relief… but it wasn’t until I found a little tooth on the floor on the 12th May that it confirmed Polly must now be getting her adult teeth. I was so amazed to find her tooth hiding under her blanket in her crate, (just sitting waiting for the pug-tooth fairy)  especially when I received lots of feedback from social networking and pals that they never found any teeth from their pups. Naturally I treasured the tiny little tooth and it went straight in my memory box to keep safe forever Smile


In regards to ‘womanhood’ nothing too much seems to be going on at the moment but I’m keeping my eyes open for any signals now Polly is six months old. I’m not really too sure what the age is that a bitch comes into season but I think that its anywhere from around five months. I have had lots of people ask me if I’m going to breed Polly… obviously it is a huge thing to consider which is why at the moment I’m remaining undecided on what I’m going to do with her. I know that you’re advised to let your bitch have at least a few seasons so that they mature before being sterilised. So I’m planning on letting her have a few seasons in heat and see how they go first of all.

At the end of the day, one of the reasons I chose to buy Polly, a female, is so that I had the option there did I want it. I’m pretty sure that one day in the future I would like another pug in my life. I’ve said before that I would like one of each (fawn and black) and I think seeing Polly have her own babies would be an amazing experience and plus it would be very rewarding to keep one at the end. But I still think the idea is a HUGE commitment that would need a lot more research/planning etc so for now I’m on the fence! I’ve still got plenty of time to make a decision anyway.


In terms of feeding, I am still keeping Polly on the same puppy food as before. She continues to stay on her special raw foods diet as it works for us and we’re all happy with it – no point changing it now. However I’ve recently decided to cut down her meals from three to two per day. Polly used to have a lunch time feed around 1pm but she was getting less and less needy for it over the last few weeks so we’ve cut her down to her two meals a day from now on. For breakfast she has Weetabix with water and one treat broken up in the dish and for dinner she eats the raw chicken and vegetables straight from the fridge.











I’m sure that if you happen to read my blog you will have seen some of the adventures Polly has already experienced in just her first six months of life, with still so much to come. I’m loving the journey so far! Smile


Thank you for stopping by! As always if you want to read more about Polly just click on her picture in the column on the left hand side, or alternatively by clicking here. Don’t forget to like my Page on Facebook or drop me a tweet @GraceyBlossom, much love x x


One thought on “Pug Stats Six Month Special

  1. Polly is a fantastic little dog and Grace is a fantastic owner. She puts 110% effort into her training and it paying off. Well done to all the family!!!

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