The Diamond Jubilee – Love It Or Loathe It?

I’m pretty sure that every person across Britain is aware that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is this weekend – a national celebration in honour of her sixty years on the throne. And if you didn’t know.. well, hello where have you been hiding?! Whether you love it or loathe it, we’re all in for a big weekend of nonstop Jubilee festivities.

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The entire country is really going to town with the Jubilee, and although I’m definitely not a huge lover of the royal family, I have nothing against them. I begrudgingly admit that I have been increasingly enjoying all of the hype about the jubilee weekend, so I’m probably going to have to join the ‘Love It’ category. Thankfully I don’t think I’ll be alone this weekend. I think there is definitely a feel good factor to participating in a national tradition even in your own small way. I mean we’re not planning on heading up to London or anything but instead we are going to celebrate the event in our own style!

At first I was kind of frustrated seeing the Union Jack stamped across everything humanly possible, until I just decided to accept it and take it for what it is. Of course the country is going to milk the celebration for what its worth, but you know what? Its all a bit of fun at the end of the day and there are definitely worse things to celebrate.


When I saw my work hours for June and discovered I had a few days off around the holiday I decided to pester my mum for a Jubilee themed BBQ. Without waiting for an answer I went out and bought a few decorations especially for the occasion. Behold a home ready for the Jubilee weekend!


Union Jack banners, flags and napkins at the ready! Well if you can’t beat them – join them! Winking smile


In hope that the weather holds out, I also made sure to prepare the garden for our Jubilee themed BBQ. I actually have a soft spot for all the bunting decorating the streets, shops and buildings at the moment. It just looks so cute and I like the whole British vibe it emits.


But hey even if the weather does decide to be typically British at least I’ve got the dining room decorated. Well it is England, we can’t expect too much from the weather can we?!


My Dad helped me put some flags up in the summer house.


While I tied the bunting across two trees in the garden.


I love it! Looks so adorable! If it rains I can still enjoy the pretty decorations from the dry house.

In the mean time we’ve also been giving the back garden a little tidy up ready for the weekend, I helped my Dad sweep the patio and trim the edges of the lawn. He also made a start cleaning some of the garden furniture. We still have to cut the grass but its already looking nice and festive. Don’t you think?


I love our back garden, and it looks especially seasonal at the moment. I thought it would be a nice way to mark the year if we decorated the house a wee bit. And besides I don’t think I’ve gone too overboard. Too much union jack stuff is just tacky. Nothing about our garden screams tacky.


Polly’s been completely confused by all the new decorations in the garden the past few days, she would not stop barking the afternoon I put it all up and I think it was because of the bunting hanging up in the trees because she keeps looking up at it. Funny little thing.


As well as decorating the house, I was in awe of this nail polish in Capital that fell right in with the whole themed celebration. So I gave it a test run on my nails to see if I liked it.


The first coat came out really bland so I put a thicker second coat on and later on a few top coats until I was happy with it. At the time I really liked how glittery it looked but then when I went to take it off as I have work today I had a complete mare getting it to come off. I literally scrubbed my poor fingers for ages and I’ve still got bits of glitter on my hands  and nails Sad smile


Its pretty, but so not worth all the hassle to take off. I may have to give it a miss this weekend! Ah well! Sad smile


So, where do you fit in with all the Jubilee Celebrations? Do you Love It? Or Do You Loath it?


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