The Week That Summer Arrived

I have been waiting to write that title for a very long time now, but I *think* that summer arrived in our little corner of England this week. Horrah! The sun hasn’t blessed us very much at all in 2012 as the weather has been absolutely rubbish so far this year. So its about time that we had a spot of nice weather. Its so lovely when I wake up in the morning and my bedroom is dimly lit by the natural light creeping through the curtains. And when I tie them back to see the sun reflecting on the top of the trees, making the leaves glow casting shadows on the grass below, I get that pleasant feeling in my stomach that’s telling me summer is finally here.


Or at least, that is very much what I’m hoping for anyway! So how was your week? Nice weather aside for a moment, my week was pretty medium. Not bad, definitely not good.

The deadline for my final assignment had been looming for a while and the last week before I finish an assignment is always the worst. Never enough time in the day and when you’ve got so much going on in your life finding time aside is so difficult, let alone finding some peaceful time aside to be productive. So it was a relief when I finally submitted that on Thursday. But only now to have the worry of finding time to revise for an exam in a couple of weeks. Argh.


But then again I don’t think its been a fabulous week for everyone as you may have caught my post the other day about poor old Baldrick who is under the weather, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for any news on him. Then a couple of days later Arthur tweeted that he had hurt his leg on his evening walk. And so sadly, our Tweet Meet today was growing more and more unlikely. How could we go with two of our biggest characters missing? It wouldn’t be the same. We called off the Tweet Meet and agreed to confirm another date soon.


Obviously I’m sad that I’m not seeing our friends but I’m more concerned that they both make a full recovery. I think a big meeting would have been exactly what we all needed after this week, so I hope both Baldrick and Arthur are on the mend so they can all play together soon!

Anyway, onto a few positive things that came from this week in addition to summer arriving.


Rewind to Tuesday.

It was a wonderful warm evening, and after dinner mum suggested a spontaneous trip down to the coast for a nice walk along the sea front. You know me and the beach, so I was all for it. When we arrived Polly got mobbed by a group of teenage girls who thought she was absolutely gorgeous (well they would be right there of course) but it was a pretty amusing sight to watch. It was a bit like someone famous had walked onto the beach. Haha. Polly of course, loves the attention. Seriously the way she acts you’d think that nobody at home ever made a fuss of her at home Winking smile drama pug.


Post pug mobbing we finally took a walk along the beach and it was a perfect evening. It was so still and calm, with just the tiniest breeze. We took a nosey at all the beach houses along the front and enjoyed the pleasant evening atmosphere as the sun slowly began to sink into the horizon.


By the time we had finished our walk the sky had turned the most gorgeous pink colour and the sun was reflecting off onto the sea. It was so pretty. I really hope the weather is nice for my birthday in a couple of weeks time as I’d like to spend the evening on the beach again!


Wednesday night was equally as enjoyable but in a completely different way! Polly had her second assessment night in her training classes which was really good fun! She did me proud again and at the end of the assessments everyone received a  rosette (now onto rosette number 2 Open-mouthed smile) and then went outside to the field to play and try out lots of fun agility training tricks.


Thursday and Friday passed uneventfully, as did the majority of yesterday morning and afternoon. This was mainly because I was stuck at work, however yesterday I finished at six so I had the evening free to do what I pleased. I went to our local for dinner with Gary and the parents, and because I’ve been craving BBQ food all week I decided to order the cheese and bacon burger for my meal.


Having worked with burgers since I was sixteen, I would rarely order them as a meal when I go out as I’m so used to seeing them. But since changing jobs I really fancied my chances with a nice hearty burger, and this one totally hit the spot. By no means healthy but 100% satisfying.


I’m sure that I don’t even need to add that I was stuffed after this.


Today was perfectly low key and a nice way to end the week. The family went up the allotment this morning so I took some revision to sit and do up there. It was definitely a good change of scene from the usual view of my desk, it was nice to occasionally glance up and have a look at everything going on around me on the plots.

This afternoon however I found a shady spot in the garden and did absolutely no revision at all. Pure relaxation. Bliss….


Polly was close by my side with a bowl of iced water and a chew.


I rediscovered my summer love for ice tea again today. So refreshing!


Okay, so after reading all of this back, maybe my week wasn’t so bad after all. Or perhaps the sunshine has just put me in an agreeable mood tonight. I’m sure I’ll be regretting my lack of productiveness in the morning….


But please Summer, you’re more than welcome to stick around for a bit longer.


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