Shape Over Scales: Week Five Reflections

Its time for another weekly reflection. But firstly if you haven’t already had a look, here is a quick recap on the weekend posts:
Saturday: How Not To Spend Your Evening.
Sunday: Strawberries In A New Light.


After disastrous week four, I have since come to realise that it would have a bigger impact than I originally thought, throwing the whole project back quite a lot. My focus, confidence and morale seem to be on a very unstable path at the moment. I don’t mean to make excuses again but it honestly doesn’t help when you have a lot going on in your life. However, the more I thought about that rubbish excuse I reasoned with myself that when is there a point in your life where there isn’t something stressful or important going on? And am I going to live my life wallowing behind that pathetic excuse, never moving forward?

No, no I am not. Time to seriously crank things up. My birthday is exactly five weeks away! I have to start my twenties feeling good about myself! 



Once again, this is the one place where I am struggling to be motivated. I’m finding it so difficult to break my needless eating habits. My problem is that, I’m really good all day long – I have a small lunch, snacking largely on fruit in between meals but then by the time that dinner is served up in front of me I have worked up a massive appetite from the whole day and I just can’t control my hunger. I have concluded that evenings are where the problems come from so see this week’s Goal For The Week. (Found at the end of the post.)


Once again, I haven’t had any issues in motivating myself to keep fit. I’m actually more motivated and keen to exercise than I’ve ever been. I also think I’m probably the fittest and capable I’ve ever been, so on the strength of it I’ve decided to really go for it in classes. Sweat harder, lift heavier, push just that tiny bit further to get the very best out of these workouts, I know that I can do it. If only I could be this dedicated to my eats and the whole thing would come together quite nicely *sigh* . Anyway here’s a quick breakdown of last week’s exercises.

Week Five – Daily Workouts:
Monday – Mix and Match.
Tuesday – Aerobic Body Conditioning.
Wednesday – 2.40 mile walk.
Thursday – Mix and Match.
Friday – Power Yoga.
Saturday – Off.
Sunday – 3.15 mile walk + TIU’s Sunkissed ABS workout.

Lets step this thing up for good!

Goal For The Week: To pay close attention to my appetite P.M. Remind myself how good I’ve been all day and not to spoil it, remember the personal Birthday Challenge I have set myself. Countdown starts here.


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