Pizza And A DVD

I think that there are a lot of people who will agree with me that this is not an easy time of the year if you are still in education: exams, assignments and deadlines are all fast approaching on the horizon. Hormones and stress levels seem to reach an all time high during these weeks of the year, leaving your mood all over the pace. It can’t be easy for those around you either who are all in the same boat. That is why I think that its sometimes better to just stop and have a bit of ‘you’ time to relax and recharge. Obviously where time is limited these moments are only short, but they are normally enough to provide you with a tiny pick me up.


Todays pick me up was a trip round Gary’s for pizza and a DVD. While his parents are away for the week we had arranged a few days ago that I would come over for a long overdue takeaway pizza.


When I arrived this evening we were both starving so we wasted no time in quickly browsing the menu.  Gary let me make the choice on what pizza we ordered and I opted for the vegetarian supreme, nothing else stood out too dramatically. Plus the mushrooms just did it for me today.


Once that decision was final we were straight on the phone to Dominos, where they took our order and informed us the delivery would take about thirty five minutes.


While we waited hungrily we stuck on the trusty Inbetweeners season one box set. It still has us giggling despite how many times we must have watched it now.


When our delivery was almost expected to arrive I quickly prepared a plate of salad for us to liven things up a bit. It also added a nice bit of colour to the meal.


As promised our pizza arrived exactly thirty five minutes later. Gary answered the door and presented a coupon that entitled us our pizza for £8.99 which was a good bargain.


We had ten slices to devour between us. Knowing how much Gary loves pizza and equally in an attempt to try and be good I left him with six slices and took care of the remaining four by myself.


We both really liked the pizza, the toppings created a nice flavour without being too daring or experimental.


It was exactly the beginning I needed to what I’m imagining  is going to be another tough week! Thank you for taking my mind off things for a while x


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