Strawberries In A New Light

Hello and how was your Sunday? Ours was cloudy but dry, and quite chilly! I had one of those funny moments at the allotment today, where you realise something for the first time and that imaginary light bulb inside your brain suddenly bursts into light Light bulb haha. So after my rather tragic evening last night I was determined to make every bit of today count. I set out with a plan to get as much done as possible. I woke up at 6.30 this morning, took the pug out to toilet and then put her back to bed for another hour while I tapped away on my laptop writing some more of my essay. Mum and Dad got up around 8ish when we all had a cup of tea, breakfast, showered and generally got ready for the day. Mum and I made it up at the allotment by around 11. Dad went to the gym instead.


Its a shame because where the weather has been so dreadful the last little while, we just haven’t been up to the plot as much as we would have liked to and it feels like a lot has taken growth that we’ve been missing. I love watching the progress of all our plants so I got super excited today by some of the promising things going on. Like our marvellous raspberries, that we planted back in the beginning of March, (pictured below)


that now look like this!


And this, we planted in the same week back in March, is the root of a rhubarb.

DSCN9642That has now grown into this.

DSCN5182 So impressed by things like this haha. I think its brilliant!

However, what really impressed me the most today was when I took a good look at our strawberry plants. Now I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is going to sound a bit, well dumb, but I’m going to say it anyway. But I actually had no idea how the fruit was going to actually grow and where it would come from.


These are our strawberries currently without any flowers on, and I was comparing them to these ones on my grandma’s plot next door which are flowering.


“So does this mean we’ll definitely have strawberries now then?” I was asking my grandma, still completely oblivious to it all. She explained it to me and then pointed out this particular flower:


Seeing this for the first time made it click, as you can totally see where the strawberry is going to come from can’t you? Maybe I’m just a bit naive to the whole thing, but I was so excited when I saw this. I’m waiting patiently for strawberries to arrive now! Imagine what I’ll be like once the fruit actually starts to form!

Today’s exercise: dog walk around the park!


We followed a new route today – a yellow one, which was a 3 mile walk with a few hills, lots of fields and plenty of pleasant views!




By the time we had finished we were all gasping for a mug of hot tea.


I enjoyed my tea with a dark chocolate KitKat on the side. Yum yum.

Can you believe the weekends almost over already? Feels like it only just began two seconds ago….


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