How Not To Spend Your Saturday Evening

This is how not to spend a Saturday:  be at work all day long, come home in the evening to watch a film and fall asleep right in the middle of all the action, but wake up just in time to catch the ending, therefore leaving you clueless. This is what I did last night. So yeah, can’t really tell you my opinions on the new Sherlock Holmes film seen as though I only caught the beginning and end. Ooops. Then again I couldn;t have been enjoying it that much or I wouldn’t have fallen asleep in the first place… Well Mum and Dad enjoyed it anyway.


Something that didn’t send me to sleep last night, dinner!


Yes dinner had my full attention. It was another new-ish meal to be served at the Tree family table and it was very satisfying. Mum dished up a hot pork dish, the mix included pepper and chilli!


Tongue burning aside, it was another really good change for dinner time: the pork was tender, the sauce full of flavour, the vegetables on the side were crunchy – I will be requesting this one again soon!

On the agenda for today: essay, allotment, doggy walks, roast dinner – not too shabby! See ya later with another post x


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