Stir-Fry Success

Its Friday! The weekend is upon us – hoorah!  However, when you work in retail there isn’t such thing as a ‘weekend’ and I will therefore be returning to the shop in the morning for my shift. But work or no work I’ve still got that weekend feeling! I think I’m just happy to see a rubbish week clear off to be perfectly honest.


To kick off the weekend my Mum cooked up something slightly different for dinner tonight. I’ve said before on here many times how I adore my mum’s cooking – she consistently delivers great meals and puts 100% effort into everything she cooks. So naturally she could make a variety of different dinners for the family if she wanted to. And if it weren’t for our trusty old favourites I think my mum would regularly mix things up a bit in regards to dinner..


But for whatever reasons, our meal planning has become a little uninspiring lately as none of us could think of any ideas as to what we fancied for a change. A random craving for mushrooms and noodles the other night sparked my desire for a stir-dry. Mum happily obliged and today’s stir-dry was a success!


Then again, I do love mushroom and pepper at the moment and the dish was full of both today. Scrummy!

The weekends already started on a good foot in my books….


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