More Challenges

I can’t really say I’m having a good week. I’m in one of those frames of minds where nothing eases my mood, nothing seems to pacify me. I must be a nightmare to live with. Even more of a nightmare is living inside my own head right now. I can be a painful little wotsit, believe me I know. But then again, I think I’ve been a pretty decent, hassle free teenager while its lasted so maybe I’m entitled to my moments of utter moodiness?

And at least I can sort of explain my moodiness – not that it justifies it of course – but I know what’s making me stressed out. And therefore I know its just a phase and I will soon float through it with a smile on my face.

I’m one of those people that lets little things bother me. So the bigger things in life most certainly bother me too. Like the mounting pressures of uni assignments, the tedious, tedious job of revision. But what seems to be more, is the frightening insecurities of people’s jobs who are close to me: my dad’s hairdressing slowing down and now Clintons shutting all of the Birthday’s branded stores will put Gary’s job on the line too.

It makes you realise how uncertain everything really is. Ok you might be thinking right now, well its Gary losing his job not you? But it could happen to any one of us, and that is the unsettling thing. And well, lets face it Gary losing his job will have an impact on me too. I can’t imagine that morale will be great knowing he’s probably going to be losing his job and the little income he gets by on. It will probably restrict us going out a bit, just when we were trying to fix that issue. As if we didn’t have enough of a challenge on our hands, now this.

Sometimes I want to crawl in a ball and pretend nothings ever happening. Or perhaps see the world through another set of eyes? A pair of happy, care-free ones like these:



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