Shape Over Scales: Week Four Reflections

Its that time of the week once again. Shape Over Scales end of week reflections! And let’s just say I’ve not exactly been looking forward to writing these reflections…. onto that in just a second, firstly onto a brighter note – catching up with weekend posts, they’re short but sweet:
Saturday: In A Nutshell.
Sunday: Fields Of Gold.


Onto week four reflections then. The best way I can describe week four is that it was a bit of a domino effect from last week. A couple of weeks ago things had started pretty well, the foundations for being ‘healthy’ were all in place and I was ready to go, the dominos were all lined up so to speak. Then came that naughty bank holiday weekend and one domino toppled. The rest followed and fell down in week four.

I don’t know, it wasn’t anything too drastic but you know when you’re not being true to yourself don’t you? Its annoying because you have the intention to be good, but for whatever reason you don’t do it and then you’re annoyed with yourself and it becomes a vicious circle. I haven’t kept my food journal up, I completely forgot about last week’s Goal For The Week for a second time round too, but I’m currently putting it into practice now (which was to eat slower don’t rush meals, enjoy the food in front of me, savour every mouthful) plus my Birthday Challenge kind of got pushed to one side too. Grrr! So annoyed with myself.

But I firmly believe these things are sent to test us and they happen for a reason. So I’m picking myself up again. Those dominos are goin’ right back up!


One thing I would like to add is how difficult its been to motivate myself in this rubbish weather. Excuses aside and that, but seriously don’t you just feel rubbish caked up in layers of jumpers, cardigans, raincoats, chunky boots in almost the middle of May now! When’s Summer going to come and shake some sense into me!? Seriously. Ideally, we should have sandals, flip flops and pumps lined up by the front door mat in May. Not winter boots. Grrr.



In regards to my diet, I had a few too many indulgences at the start of the week which completely started it on the wrong foot. As I mentioned above I neglected my food journal (starting it again today though) and continued to greedily pig my delicious meals up in a flash. Its all about trying to slow it down and portion it out from now on.


Despite complaining about week four, it wasn’t all bad and there are some positives amongst it all. Like the fact that I managed a decent amount of exercise, including four classes and walking. And also speaking of the walks I do, I wanted to talk about this pretty cool app I downloaded on my iPhone a few days . Attention fellow dog walkers! The app is called MapMyRun and basically what it does is,  it calculates how far you walk/jog/run, the route you take and for how long. (It does other things but I haven’t really looked into that just yet) But its still quite cool to see how far you’ve walked by the end!


Week Four – Daily Workouts:
Monday – Mix and Match.
Tuesday – Aerobic Body Conditioning.
Wednesday – Off.
Thursday – Mix and Match.
Friday – Power Yoga.
Saturday – 1.55 mile walk.
Sunday – 3.34 mile walk.


Goal For The Week – Write a daily or weekly ‘To-Do List’ so when I feel hungry or like snacking I can make myself busy with a job that needs doing instead. If I still feel hungry afterwards have a hot or cold drink.


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