An Evening At The Theatre

I’m currently in the process of doing my last assignment for university before my exam in June. Its due in just over a week and so when I found out the play I was studying was being performed locally last night my Grandparents offered to take me with them. The play I’m doing is Dancing At Lughnasa by Friel which is hardly a thrilling drama but I don’t dislike it.


Because of the nature of the play it was quite slow going but it was definitely useful to go and watch a production of it. Plus I’m always happy to spend time with Grandma and Pops. Considering the play is only short I felt like they dragged out the performance quite a lot and I was a bit bored by the end – it didn’t finish until 10! But apart from that it was an enjoyable evening.


I think that going last night will help me out for my assignment, every little thing helps when it comes to essays.

Now if only I could write my essay with as much passion as I write my blog…


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