Fields Of Gold

It was another afternoon dedicated to doggy-walks yesterday. The weather is frankly all over the place still, sunshine then big clouds, warm one minute, breezy the next – that kind of weather where you don’t know what the hell is appropriate to wear. Well, if you’re like me and you don’t like being cold you end up layering up but then regretting that decision the moment you get a patch of mildly warm sunshine. I wish it would just make up its mind and decide to be nice – May is such a beautiful month as well, so some sunshine would be more than welcome wouldn’t it?


Speaking of beauty, as we started our walk I said to my mum ‘I really want to see a yellow field today’ and that was honestly what I fancied. Despite my purple hoody and matching lead for Polly, I was in a yellow kind of mood. And when she replied, “I’m not sure that there are any on this walk” I felt a tad disappointed. But never mind there were still plenty of pretty views left right and centre.


We were still right at the beginning of the walk as we approached a railway bridge, when we spotted it though.




Miles and miles of yellow!


Overwhelming amounts of it.


It was absolutely gorgeous, I kept just saying ‘wow’ as my eyes followed the big brightly coloured flowers that went on and on in the fields surrounding us.


I tell you what, Polly is definitely going to turn into a flower lover like me, she’s only five months old but she’s already had her picture taken with daffodils, with bluebells and now in a rapeseed field. Just wait until we get our pretty flowers growing on the allotment, she’s going to have to strike some more flower-power pug poses. Ha!


Suddenly, its Monday again. How’d that happen?


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