Shape Over Scales: The Birthday Challenge

Hello, hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, I sure did! I had to work Sunday but I was busy, busy, busy for the rest of it. You can catch up with the posts here;
Saturday – Speedy Saturday
                 – Back to Simply Spice

Monday –    Grandma’s Day
              –    Midnight Tango

In terms of my healthy living project though, four words: Bank Holiday Diet Disaster! One step forward, two steps back again. Ah well at least I can say that I had a pretty fab bank holiday weekend but being good just got forgotten about , but onto that later firstly I want to discuss another challenge in the project.


Although I’m planning on doing this project for my holiday which is at the end of August, I have also decided to set myself a midway challenge too. It is precisely seven weeks until my birthday, and I want to finish my teenage years and start my twenties (eek!) feeling good about myself. The few days following my birthday Gary and I are also going away on a short break to Rye. We’ve booked a lovely B&B and hopefully by June the weather should be nice and so summer dresses will be more than appropriate! That means I’ve got seven weeks to be Birthday-ready.

The Specifics:
– In addition to my daily workouts, set outside ten/fifteen minutes a day for some extra sets of exercises like hundred sit-ups, fifty squats, holding a plank for a minute etc.
– Listen to my stomach not my brain. My brain is always telling me that I want to eat more food but in reality I don’t need the extra food I’m consuming. I need to learn to break the habit of just wanting more for the sake of it.

After a rubbish week, I am so ready for the challenge now. Lets do this! I’m getting into the birthday mood now after Monday.


So a few quick reflections on week three then.

Basically last week went a bit off the rails all round. I want to blame the bank holiday weekend mainly, and I do believe that it was the primary cause of such a naughty, indulgent diversion off course. But even my exercise was a bit rubbish in comparison to my normal standards. A class got cancelled last Monday which completely threw me, and then I had to skip two more good workouts Tuesday and Wednesday because work got in the way, I’m always gutted to miss Tuesday’s hard class…. Bla bla bla. They sound like excuses but they’re not. Well they sort of are, but life has a way of interfering sometimes doesn’t it? Meh.


My diet started well, but by the weekend everything went horribly wrong. Meaning I lost my will power and surrendered to some fantastic eats (two curries, big meals for lunch, birthday cake etc etc). It was worth it but I know I’ll regret it when my muffin top rolls back over my jeans in the morning. I had continued to write down everything I ate in my food journal but what with a busy weekend I’ve even neglected that! I also failed miserably at achieving last weeks goal which was to eat slower and savour my food, so I’m going to continue that goal this eek and hope to give it a go.

But the annoying thing about the bank holiday weekend is that it manages to spoil two weeks (the end of last week and the beginning of this [week four] one.)


Yesterday I was feeling a bit fed up about it, but a bit of retail therapy with my little cousin made it a bit better. Half way round the shop we stopped at Caffe Nero.


I placed an order for a delicious Strawberry iced drink as a way of getting the bad week out of my system once and for all. I just thought, what the heck? One last splurge and then back on track. I think that was a pretty delicious and smart idea. I really do feel like its out of my system now.



As I said above, even my daily workouts were lacking in week three. But that was sort of one of those things rather than me consciously choosing not to workout. Here’s a quick breakdown of my workouts anyway.

Week Three – Daily Workouts:
Monday – Gym and Swimming.
Tuesday – 30 minutes Swimming.
Wednesday – Off.
Thursday – Mix and Match.
Friday – Power Yoga.
Saturday – Spinning + an hour walk.
Sunday – Off.

All I can say is, here is to a better week. Even if it did start indulgently I have time to attempt to correct this.

Goal for the week: eat slower. Don’t rush meals, enjoy the food in front of me, savour every mouthful. [Extended over from last week]


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