Midnight Tango

Although a lot of the attention was on Grandma yesterday for her special birthday, we still made sure to save plenty for a certain little pug. After tea and cake everyone went home for a little while. In the short time there was in between coming home and getting ready to go out we promptly drove up the woods to squeeze in an hours walk for Polly. Yesterday was the longest that we’ve ever left her for in one day, although we were in and out most of the day there were times where she was left for longer periods so it was important to get her out for a nice walk.


The rain has sort of eased in the last few days and although its been far from nice the weather has been good enough to get out for daily walks around the woods. Our walk around the woods yesterday was cloudy, cool and fresh, but very pleasant.


Its always a bonus when you pass some lovely bluebells. Its also a bonus when your pug likes to pose in amongst them too Winking smile


Does make a pretty picture doesn’t it?



After snapping some nice pictures we got back to a spot of serious power walking in order to whizz back home to get ready for our evening out. The show started at 7.30 and we had arranged to pick Grandma and Pops up for 6.15 which was a bit of a squeeze but somehow we managed it despite a few dramas (including Grandma almost forgetting to take her tickets!)


We got parked near the Marlowe, about a five minute walk away, where we were close enough to see the top of the Cathedral over the rooftops.


Surprisingly, the evening turned out to be by far the best part of the day in terms of the weather. The sun was shining gloriously on the city and it looked elegantly lit up by the pale blue sky and natural light.

The streets were quickly filling up with cars and people – perhaps all headed to see the same show as we were, so I was glad that we were all parked up and ready to walk in by this point.


We had a really pleasant stroll over to the theatre.


And it was within viewing distance to us at all times so thankfully we knew we didn’t have far to go.


It was really picturesque and peaceful walking in to the Marlowe – the atmosphere was just lovely and it would be nice to set some time aside one evening to go and have a wonder round Canterbury I think.


The not so lovely aspect of our walk had to be the actual theatre itself. It looked big and modern on the outside which is completely out of keeping with such a historic city. I was expecting the theatre to be extremely old!


So I was a bit startled when I saw what it looked like! Don’t get me wrong, the inside of the theatre was ideal but the whole modern thing seemed a bit off to me.


Just had enough time to snap pictures outside the theatre,


everyone with the birthday girl



And then it was time to go in!

Miraculously, the queues inside the theatre weren’t a nightmare. We queued briefly for the Ladies room (goes without saying though doesn’t it?) and then briefly outside the doors to our seats, but apart from that the whole process of getting to our seats went very smoothly.


We were close to the stage, just rows away from the front, so we had a decent view of all the action! And wow, let me say, as soon as the music started and the dancers entered (particularly the two main stars) you could not peel your eyes away from that stage. There was so much talent oozing from every corner making it a simply fascinating watch. I was captivated the entire duration by the music, singing, dancing and general feel good vibes the show emitted. Clearly everyone shared my views, as the audience in general was buzzing! It was a fantastic watch.


We all had a great evening – I hope my Grandma really enjoyed her special day!


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