Grandma’s Day

I mentioned yesterday that we had a very special birthday to be celebrated, and in our family no birthday gets swept under the carpet – especially the big ones! My grandma’s ‘big birthday’ had already been mildly considered about six months ago when my aunt and partner booked tickets to go and watch Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent and Flavia in their tour Midnight Tango. We knew how much my grandparents love the Strictly stars and well, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to treat them when the tour was coming so close to us – it was being performed at the Marlowe Theatre which isn’t far for us to travel to.


So for Christmas we bought them tickets to go and watch the show. When we were booking up back in December we noticed the dates for the show were in the second week of May, knowing Grandma was celebrating a big birthday we thought it would be extra special to take her on her actual birthday! It seemed like ages away when we were talking about May back when all the Christmas lights were up in the street, but it has very scarily crept around in a flash.


And all of a sudden the special day had arrived! We stayed with what we knew, and headed to our local for lunch where you can rely on great food, reasonable price and a relaxing atmosphere – exactly what everyone was after I think. Sadly my mum’s oldest sister had to work on her mum’s special birthday and so it ended up being just the two sisters and their families (my mum and youngest sis Victoria) but we still had a really lovely time!


Mum and her two sisters bought grandma a bench for her garden which is being delivered to her today, so in the meantime everyone got her all some nice cards and a few little bits and bobs. I got her two coffee cups to use at the allotment from Cath Kidston as I knew her old one recently got damaged.


My cousin Lara was on close guard as presents and cards were opened at the table Winking smile



I think she enjoyed the coffee cup idea Smile I thought they were quite a sweet little present to give her anyway.


Once cards and gifts were opened, everyone took to the task of menu browsing! Its a serious job in this family! Everyone stalled and hesitated on what to order as everything is such a good pick on the menu, but finally the ten of us made up our minds!


While waiting for lunch, the ten of us sat back, sipped on our drinks and soaked up the pleasant birthday mood that was in the air.


James, Beth and Lara entertained themselves in true style of the modern day kid: on iPods, Blackberrys and mobile phones!





While we all chatted about everything and anything!



Everyone’s food arrived very promptly. Most of us ended up ordering gammon, which I was very tempted to do also,


but being that it was only lunch time I fancied a lighter option and went for a newbie on the menu: ham and mushroom carbonara. Mmmm! A favourite of mine!


My meal came with some garlic bread on the side, which was exactly enough to break up the pasta dish. Sometimes you need a little something with pasta don’t you? The garlic bread was lovely and fresh, crunchy enough but not so crunchy it scrapes the roof of your mouth!


I was glad that I stuck to my instinct and ordered the carbonara as it pretty much kept me going for the rest of the day – I would have been so full on a larger meal. Although this was still pretty big, there was loads of pasta and plenty of ham and mushroom filling which is what I like to see. I get annoyed when you order a pasta dish and they are really stingy with the fillings, its like well what’s the point?


We all had a superb lunch.

Naturally we all needed to sit and digest our food for a bit so we stayed at the club for a little while before heading back to my grandma’s for tea and cake, where the house looked very festive with handmade ‘Happy Birthday’ banners and cards scattered everywhere. It was lovely to see the kids had made a special effort for Grandma.




Some more quality family time! Lovely Smile


All of the sisters managed to make it for tea and cake at grandma’s in the afternoon so there was a house full of us which is exactly what Grandma would have wanted. Smile


We all gathered round the cake for the traditional sing-song of ‘Happy Birthday.’ Grandma blew the first set of candles out but Harvey got to do round two!


And the cake, well it was simply delicious. Only my grandma would make her own birthday cake, but when its this good, I don’t think anyone minded too much? Nobody could out-shine Grandma’s strawberry and cream cake.


Holy yum!


Tea and cake was absolutely awesome! The cake was exactly as I knew it would be from grandma, moist light and ten out of ten scrumptious .


A second post on our evening will be coming up!


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