Back To Simply Spice

I have a new favourite curry house. Last night I returned to Simply Spice for the second time (I went there for a curry back in January) and if I was impressed first time, well I was very impressed the second time round too. Gary treated us to a meal out and I don’t think we could have picked a better venue for the evening. As we were showed to our table by the waiter I was reminded again of the restaurant’s intimate setting, the booths lined against either walls with small tables joining up make for a very cosy atmosphere.  I like the layout a lot actually, because its not too big but yet it can still pack a lot of people in without losing the atmosphere

photo (5)

While pondering the menu my nostrils were greeted by some of the most delicious smells coming from food arriving at neighbouring tables. That can only be a very good sign, right? Pressure was on to pick a yummy option from the menu!


The waiter provided us with some poppadoms and dips as we browsed the luxurious menu. Being a semi newcomer to Indian cuisine I’m always a little bit cautious when it comes to ordering because I don’t want to end up with something I hate and spoil my love for it. However, I’m braver than I was at trying different things as I’ve learned to love spiciness which helps a lot when it comes to making a decision on what to order.

photo (2)

We made a fairly quick decision as we had looked at the menu briefly online before we went and I was happy with my order. I crossed my fingers for deliciousness to arrive at our table in the near future. However, I don’t think Gary or I are too hard to please when it comes to curry. We were already obsessing about the very tasty dips that came with our poppadoms.

photo (3)

The star dish of the dips was the red stuff, which I’m not 100% what it was but it was sort of like a spiced pickle chutney. Ah it was so nice! But I’ll always have a soft spot for my beloved mango chutney so naturally I stayed loyal to that too.

photo (4)

We hardly waited any time at all before our starter came out. I tried a vegetable pokora dish for the first time and it was heavenly! I was surprised when it came out and looked like it did because when I had a fish pokora it sort of resembled a nugget whereas this looked more like an onion bhajee. The presentation of the dish was superb and the taste was equally as good – full of flavour and crispy. Gary of course went for his favourite: onion bhajees Smile

photo (6)

Crisp nuggets of onion, potatoes, spinach and spices delicately coated in butter and deep fried – Restaurant’s Official Description

photo (7)

Although the starter was quality, the main course was by far the best dish of the night. Gary and I both went for chicken madras, which neither of us had tried before so we were anxious to taste the dish – we needn’t have worried though . It arrived on a hot plate  in a medium sized dish with a handful of chicken pieces. It was a great pick, the chicken was very tender and delicate coated in a hot sauce full of sweet spices which created a delicious explosion of taste and texture.

photo (9)

On the side I had mushroom rice and courgette bhajee, and although the meal wasn’t huge it was very satisfying. It was actually nice to finish a meal feeling comfortably full rather than completely bloated. You could easily make the meal bigger by adding more side dishes, but we kept it pretty minimal last night with just one side each in addition to rice.

We chose not to have any pudding as we had some bits waiting at home, so we called it a night after our scrummy main course. I was surprised when the bill came that not only is the food outstandingly good, but its also reasonable too. The bill totalled just under £35 for a starter, main, sides and two diet cokes each. Very reasonable I would say! It was a nice evening Smile

photo (8)

Quick pic before we headed out: I wore black skinny jeans with my new crochet jumper and matching shoes!

Special day coming tomorrow – stay tuned!!


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