Speedy Saturday

Whew! I’ve been on the go all day long and suddenly we’re fast approaching 6pm! Time has a way of slipping past you doesn’t it? I’m eager to cling on to my day off for just a bit longer so I hope the evening slows down in pace a tad!


Breakfast was a bright old affair this morning, a weetabix with a two servings of fruit.


Mum and I took a spin class at 10am so I wasn’t messing around when it came to fuelling up ready for a hard workout. My generously sized, but may I add, very healthy breakfast kept me going straight through until lunch. Lets just say that this meal set me up perfectly for a busy, busy day.


Not only did we spin our little socks off in class, we also walked our little socks off rambling for over an hour with Polly this afternoon. The sky was very unpredictable, full of big grey clouds so we loaded the car up with raincoats, wellies, and towels. I left my camera in case we got caught in the rain but we got lucky as it stayed dry the entire time. An example of how we “travel lightly…”


In between spinning and rambling we cleaned the house, went food shopping and briefly sat our bottoms down for a quick coffee break. My legs and bum are feeling it now. I could quite easily sit down and have another evening like last Saturday where I veg out in front of the television in my dressing gown, hair pinned back in a scruffy mess and my face bare from any makeup – blissfully free to rub my eyes whenever I deem fit to. But no, instead tonight is date-night. Yes I am going on a date with my ‘unofficial’ boyfriend of three and a half years. Dates are a thing of the past when you’ve been going out as long as us, hence why we aren’t official at the moment. But we’re patching things up with a date night. I miss these nights.DSCN4741

So yeah, tonight I am going to pamper myself pretty (or attempt to anyways) paint my nails, wear some makeup, put some nice clothes/ jewellery on and tackle this excessively long bit of hair I have into some kind of respectable ‘do.


Where are we going, you ask? Well date nights for us only involve one thing: food. Narrowed down to our favourite kind: Indian food! Hot, hot, hot!

Enjoy your Saturday evening! x


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