Pug Stats– Twenty One Weeks

Its May! That means one thing, someone just turned another month old!


Polly Pug is growing up fast, she’s five months old today! If you’ve been wondering where my weekly updates on Polly have been since week seventeen I’ve decided to make them a monthly thing now, as a week isn’t really enough to notice too much change in her. Don’t worry I hadn’t forgotten about it! Something that had slipped my mind on the other hand, was exactly how tiny Polly was the very first time I saw her. I was scanning through my albums on the laptop when I clicked on the folder with all the pictures I took at Polly’s breeder’s home. Up popped images of all these teeny tiny puglets and even now I can’t believe she was really that small! But what I really can’t begin to explain is the sheer power this puppy has had on changing our lives.


I don’t know, maybe it might sound a bit dramatic but Polly has seriously made such an impact on my life in just the three short months she has been home with us. I’m sure other pug/dog owners will understand where I’m coming from here. I’ve done things, met people, already had so many memories that have all come from having Polly. And despite the hard work, she is worth it and I love having her in my life.


Lets have a look at how she’s growing:

First day at home – 9 weeks.




In the garden at 10 weeks:




Dog in bag – 11 weeks.


Polly and daffodils – 12 weeks.




Chew – 13 weeks.



Beach – 14 weeks.



Polly compared to Arthur – 16 weeks.




Walking – 17 weeks.


Sleepy – 19 weeks


Polly compared to Arthur again – 20 weeks.




Polly now – 21 weeks.



General observations:

We continue to take Polly to training classes where she is still doing really well, she must have proved herself worthy to the trainers at Pats Dog Club after her assessment as we are now working in a more advanced class,with some older and bigger dogs! Its a challenge but she’s ready for it!

Linking in to the training, Polly is on the verge of being ‘clean’ and while there are still mistakes – the odd wee on the door mat or a sneaky poo in the living room – I know that Polly knows where she is meant to go now. She will look at the backdoor, scratch at it or sometimes bark.

She still has bundles of playful puppy energy so daily walks are a must. Polly loves her walks now! And its great to get her out to plough some of that energy somewhere. The length of our daily walks vary depending on the weather, how much time we have and generally what we’ve got going on elsewhere in our lives. Whenever possible we try and go up the woods for an hour or so.

Since my last post, Polly has got way more vocal. She hardly ever used to bark at anything but recently she barks every day at something now. Her little bark is adorable and so amusing. Check out my video of her barking at the hoover by clicking here.

And last but not least, a quick measure up:

Here are her current measurements:
– Height – 10”/ 25.4cm.
– Neck – 12”/ 30.4cm.
– Tummy – 15”/ 38.1cm.
– Leg (Front) – 7”/ 17.78cm.
– Body (Neck to tail)– 12”/ 30.50cm.


As always thanks for reading! For older Pug Stats updates click here or to find more posts on Polly click here. Please like my Facebook page and feel free to drop me a Tweet. Be back in a months time with another update! x


One thought on “Pug Stats– Twenty One Weeks

  1. Polly is absolutely gorgeous and a real credit to you. You have obviously worked hard with her training and she is coming on in leaps and bounds! Love her to bits. xxxx
    Penny from PAT’s Dog Club.

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