Won’t Walk Through Puddles

Do you remember last week when we managed to avoid the rain with a randomly lucky sunny spell at the seaside? Well today we did not manage to avoid the rain.There were no lucky spells of sunshine today. It was a real case of April Showers here in Kent and as per usual it landed on my day off from work. But I was keen to make something of my day off  so Mum, pug and I took a drive to the country park in the cold and gloom. It was refreshing to say the least but I was glad we made the effort to get out.


Some of us were happier than others about being dragged out the rain.


Although the new smells of the park were quite exciting once she got over the initial shock of a rainy walk around the park.


Despite the April showers, the countryside was still gorgeous. Clearly, nobody else was as foolish as us to be outside in such conditions so we didn’t pass another soul the entire time. It was so quiet and peaceful.


We took a small route parallel to the river.


Once the excitement of all the new smells wore off on Polly, she quickly refused to walk anywhere near the puddles on the ground. Meaning we kept having to pick her up every two seconds! To be fair, there were some pretty big puddles for such a small pug but considering that she didn’t even bat an eyelid at the river didn’t even bother her so I think it was just a case of stubborn pug syndrome!




Because as soon as we said we were heading ‘back’ she was trotting away like normal!


We were all very wet and windswept when we made it back to the car park.


Nothing the heater in the car and a cup of tea to come home to couldn’t fix though. Evil eyes were shot at me on the journey home….


Until it was time to head off to the land of nod and all was forgotten again!


Until the next time of course Winking smile


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