Packed Lunch Made A Comeback

I  was chatting away to Caroline in the staff room at work over the weekend, all the usual chit-chat came up; Gary, Steve, her children etc as we both got our food out.  In the same fashion as an old-school packed lunch we both opted to bring our own food in from home. Me: a cheese sandwich. Caroline: humus and salad sticks. Another thing we have in common aside from the fact our partners are brothers, is a love for all types of food. Having never tried humus I was intrigued at her choice of lunch so she let me try a little on some carrot. You know what comes next…


I loved it! Funny thing but hey I’ve been desperate for a new lunch idea for ages now so I recreated Caroline’s packed lunch for myself at home. I just got some low fat Tesco Humus to start with (I think Caroline said hers was sweet chilli?) and its really thick so perfect to dip salad in!


In the salad dish: yellow pepper, celery,carrot and cucumber.


And I had some crackers on the side to dip too. Simple, healthy, nutritious and surprisingly satisfying lunch! I think humus could be a regular packed lunch option from now on Winking smile 


Back to my essay….


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