Feel Good Factor

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I hope it was nice and relaxing – mine wasn’t quite what I would call relaxing as I worked, but it was still nice! Usually at around this time on a Sunday evening, I’m reflecting on my weekend wishing that it would stick around so it would delay a new week for just a bit longer. But not today! I’m really eager about starting a new week! I feel positive tonight and so I’m hoping its going to set the same tone for the rest of the week. The biggest sigh of relief will come on Thursday once I submit my 2000 word TMA – can’t wait to get this essay completed. Not only do I plan on being productive in my assignment but I also plan on making a positive start in my new project to Shape Up.


What better way to motivate myself than to make a plan of my workouts** for the week? Its going to be a good one:
Monday – Mix And Match (Aerobic and Toning Class.)
Tuesday – ABC ( Aerobic and Toning Class.)
Wednesday – Pilates.
Thursday – Long walk with Polly.
Friday – Power Yoga.
Saturday – Spinning.
Sunday – Off.

** I will talk about this more in a separate post later this week.

To get myself through this essay over the next few days I have promised myself a shopping trip to Bluewater. I am SO looking forward to going shopping as I haven’t had a proper spend up since the January sales. No Bluewater since January makes me a very sad girl. Clearly I’ve had a lot on my hands but to go from shopping like twice a month to zero times in three months is extreme! A little Retail Therapy is in order!


Knowing I’ve got a shopping trip planned is enough to give any week the feel good factor! Bring it on!

What have you got planned for your week ?  Be back in a few days x


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