Sunny Spell At The Seaside

I’ve had the last three days off work and I’ve noticed a pattern forming: rain, rain rain! Considering that we’re in a drought at the moment it feels pretty wet out there to me. You wouldn’t believe it from the picture below taken this afternoon, but its actually been pouring for most of the day. Despite the showers we braved the rain for the second time this week and took a rainy trip to the seaside. Turns out it wasn’t so rainy after all. Just half an hour after a huge downpour, the sun finally made an appearance.


We waited in the car for a while hoping the showers would pass. Little one made herself comfy in the backseat with her new seatbelt that clips on to her harness.


Didn’t she scrub up well after her first bath yesterday? She’s all soft, clean and fluffy again. So sweet.


Luckily the showers passed, and there were even some patches of blue in the sky! I expected it to be quite unsettled after all the rain we had, but it was surprisingly very calm and pleasant with hardly any breeze. The temperature was crisp but we were fine once we had wrapped up and started walking about.


It didn’t take long for Polly to meet some new friends…


And as per usual, she was centre of the attention! In particular these two Westies took to her but we also bumped into a lot of people who were eager to stop and chat to us (but specifically Polly.)


When Polly is out in public, we don’t get very far without being stopped. I do get a few brief moments with her all by myself,


but only long enough to take a few pictures by the seaside,


and then she’s off again!


Sniff, sniff, sniff, explore, explore, explore!


Slowly but surely we trooped along the sea front.




Walking all the way to the band stand, which had a very cute cafe overlooking the sea.


I would have been tempted to suggest stopping in the cafe but there was loud music blurting out the speakers which was very distracting. I only really like background music in cafes and restaurants, otherwise it feels like you’re shouting to the person next to you? Maybe I’m just funny like that?


We passed through the bandstand and back out to the promenade. But because the weather was unpredictable we didn’t push our luck staying too long.


We turned around and headed back to the car. I think that we were extremely lucky with our sunny spell at the seaside because on our journey home the sky turned black again and it poured down! It was the kind of rain that sounds like its trying to break in through the windows! Makes me want to snuggle up under the duvet all day!


Wednesday Eats.


Mum made the perfect dinner for a rainy day, chicken and mushroom pie with cheesy ‘chips’ (actually potatoes but just as delicious as cheesy chips) and of grandma and pops’ home grown broccoli! Yum yum! Mushrooms ❤


I particularly enjoyed the ‘G’ on my pie. Thanks mum!

I’ve now got five days at work and my essay to finish, but I’m hoping to blog some point over the weekend! Enjoy the rest of your week x x


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