Bath Time

After Mucky Monday, comes Tidy Tuesday. Literally, a big tidy up was in order.  The floor outside our patio door was a mess where we were in and out with wet feet yesterday, so mum and I were busy scrubbing our home back into some sort of order this morning. It felt good once it was cleaned and vacuumed. Even if it did get dirty practically straight away again! My mum has very much enforced the rule of keeping the cleaning maintained regularly so it doesn’t build up. It feels like we’re always cleaning or hoovering and the house still gets messy, but at least we know that we try to keep it under control. This afternoon it started hailing again and Polly was due to go outside after a nap, but she wouldn’t budge unless someone took her. Who do you think that someone could be?

DSCN0356 Yep you guessed it. Do. Not. Like. Rain. Thankfully I got a big sloppy pug kiss once we were inside, so at least my effort was appreciated?


As I stood dripping from head to toe, despite the rain coat, examining the equally soggy puppy in my arms I realised that we could no longer put off the inevitable. I’m sure that you can very well imagine, our floor was not the only thing in need of a scrub today…


We haven’t bathed Polly yet and she’s four months old now, so the time had well and truly arrived. The muddy woods yesterday was also a bit of an eye opener to how dirty a pup can get! And so it was decided: the pug was going upstairs to the bath tub! Gotta keep Polly pretty!


Polly’s breeder provided us with a little goody bag when she came home with us, and part of that was some special shampoo and conditioner for dogs. But seen as though it was her first bath we kept it simple and stuck to just shampooing Polly’s coat today.

We ran a very small, tepid bath for Polly to dabble her paws in. To begin with she didn’t know what was going on – the water and the sides of the bath tub were all very confusing for a little pug! She tried to climb out to mummy so I had to stop her from slipping. Then the noise of her paws clattering against the bath tub frightened her even more so she had quite a sorry face for the whole duration of her bath.


I scooped some water on her coat and gently wiped her face with my damp hand, taking extra care to avoid eyes and ears! I lathered her up with the special dog shampoo, and continued to receive ‘the look.’


See? Its not that bad Polly!


To fully ensure we rinsed the shampoo out, we used the shower hose to wash it all off properly. Although she didn’t dislike her bath, I could tell that Polly was glad to be out. We wrapped her in a big towel and she had great fun being towelled dry. A few hours later and she is as good as new!

I was glad that we finally got round to washing Polly as its good to get her used to these things seen as though we will be doing it regularly . Plus its nice to take pride in her appearance, especially because she is so pretty! Smile

I bet Polly isn’t the only dog who has had a bath in the last few days….


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