Monday Muckiness

Just like that Easter is over for another year! As per usual I worked the majority of the Easter break so it wasn’t hugely special for me, however the hours at my new job do mean that I finish a bit earlier so I get more of the afternoon to enjoy. We took advantage of that and made a few trips to the gym and out walking. However I was off along with my parents today and typically the weather was absolutely rubbish. Grey, rainy and miserable. The dull day did nothing for my motivation and I spent the majority of the morning lazing about trying to write my essay. I dislike doing nothing a lot…


After midday I decided that I was tired of moping about indoors and that I had to get out of the house. Polly had her post lunch time nap so mum dad and I slipped off to the gym for an hour. I did a quick warm up on the treadmill with five minutes light jogging and spent the rest of the time on the mats doing some stomach and leg work. I was just glad to get busy.


Once we found our motivation we also managed to get someone else their daily exercise in too! The rain wasn’t stopping this little puggy.


I had wondered how Polly was going to react to the rain because we haven’t had to deal with it yet in her little lifetime. Honestly, I don’t think it seems to have occurred to her yet that its wet and horrible. All day long she was looking out the backdoor desperate to play with the crunchy leaves out in the garden. All the other pugs on Twitter sounded like they were having a really sleepy Monday – but not this pug! I’m hoping that in time this will change though Winking smile a snuggle pug on a rainy day would be quite perfect. The world is just too exciting to be sleeping in Polly’s puppyish eyes.


Naturally we needed to take her out to burn some of that puppy energy off and so we took Polly out on a nice sheltered walk through the woods. She walks really well recently and she just loves the woods especially now I have an extendable lead for her to roam about in.


Once we got going it wasn’t half as bad as I anticipated. We were wrapped up in our rain macs and wellies so we were all geared up! It was actually quite good fun braving the wind and rain. I semi regret not having a rain coat for Polly, but considering we’re supposedly in a drought at the moment I don’t much see the point of having one she’ll only grow out of. She was happy as anything though so it didn’t matter too much I guess but she would look cute in a mac wouldn’t she?


‘I don’t care about clothes I just want to play!’


And even on a gloomy day, I still managed to appreciate all the loveliness that the countryside has to offer. The fresh air does you good Smile


End of the walk = muddy paws, tired pooch.


By the time we got home I was absolutely shattered, the wind and rain completely knocked it out of me! Could have done with a power nap once I was home.

Easter treats.

We don’t really eat chocolate and we’ve not had an Easter egg in the house in years, but we have made some crackle cakes to enjoy this year. They are rather scrum. Now Easter is over its back to ‘being good’ again… A flat stomach would be nice for the summer? And a completed essay would be good too.


How was your Easter Break? Have a good week x x


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