A Sweet Lie

So I may have lied in my last blog post about ‘not blogging’ for a while. I just can’t help myself. When you’ve got a lot to say why hold it back? Whether its just about the weather, my day or how I’m feeling – I always feel better once I’ve blogged about it. And quite frankly I had withdrawal symptoms from my camera, (camera and blog go hand in hand) and so when I told myself I wasn’t blogging I started to leave my camera at home whenever I went out which felt so abnormal – it goes everywhere! And besides I can’t go anywhere without snapping a picture because I’ll just end up using my phone anyway. Which is exactly what I did when I went out last night anyway! Duh.


What started as an emotional week ended on a much lighter note. Although you can’t be happy in a relationship all the time, you don’t just stop loving someone. I have learnt this the hard way in the last seven days. There is a reason why my relationship with Gary lasted for three and a half years and that reason is love. And for that very reason, we have decided to try and save what we have and work things out. It is going to take time and work but we’re both willing to see where this goes. Again, this is personal and won’t be ending up on my blog so I will finish by saying that I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason…


So anyway, seen as I told a fibs about not blogging I thought I’d better make up for it and talk about something sweet today. Sweet peas to be precise. During the summer my grandparents regularly gave me sweet peas grown from their allotment and since then I adore them. Obviously I want some growing on my own plot so we ordered some a while ago and they are ready to start now. Despite the gloomy afternoon yesterday we wrapped up for the garden. My essential piece of equipment was clearly a big mug of coffee to make me alert Winking smile

We’ve ordered these gorgeous navy blue sweet peas from Thompson & Morgan, cannot wait to see what they’re like! They are like a rich purple colour and hopefully so pretty.


I started off by writing out a couple of labels with ‘Sweet Peas’ on.


Then gathered some empty toilet rolls we’ve collected.


Which I then filled approximately a cm away from the top with soil.


After the soil was ready it was time to place the small round seeds in. The seeds were quite unusual and unlike any of the flat seeds I’ve seen before so I was interested in the appearance of these little round ones.


I added one seed to each toilet roll.


And then gently covered with soil.


The last thing I did was give them a good water!


It feels like we’re beginning to make a good start in preparing all the seeds for my plot now we’ve got some vegetables and sweet peas slowly making an appearance in the world.

Grow, grow, grow…


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