Pug Stats–Seventeen Weeks

We are storming through 2012 at an unbelievable pace, we’re already four months into the year! It was about a year ago now that my love for pugs really kicked in. My mum actually used the words ‘you have no chance’ to me on more than one occasion. And look where we are today: I have a four month old pug puppy! Strange how life turns out sometimes isn’t it?

So Polly is now in week seventeen, we’ve had her home since she was eight weeks old so these numbers are sounding big all of a sudden, my little pug is growing up! Seen as today marks her four month birthday, I’ve decided to make this a special milestone post as she has come a long way since turning three months.

Also, to say the last week has been eventful would be an understatement, talk about highs and lows! Sunday we met some new friends at the dog park which was really lovely and Wednesday Polly received her first rosette from her dog club. But as the new week rolled around we noticed that Polly had started to make some peculiar choking noises. It was odd but we shrugged it off and thought it would just be one of them funny pug things that would pass. However by Tuesday these funny little choking noise were getting more frequent and intense. Over the weekend she had been a right little wotsit picking up every leaf she could get her paws on and eating the ones we weren’t quick enough to snatch away from her. So we’ve had all sorts of things going through our brains as to why she was making these noises.


Polly was generally acting her normal chirpy little self, you know she wasn’t distressed or uncomfortable at all, but the frequency of these choking noises just wasn’t right. I know pugs snort, snore and so on but these sounds were definitely something else. I couldn’t sleep at all Tuesday night and was ready to be on the phone to the vets first thing Wednesday morning.

I was annoyed when I then realised I wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on her though as I was at work all day Wednesday. Naturally my mum and dad stepped in to watch her for me, and I was relieved to get a text from my mum saying that Polly had coughed a bit of wood/twig up. When I got home from work I had a look at what she coughed up myself, this was definitely the source of her discomfort. My mum had also found a tiny thorn right next to her bed which although we never saw being coughed up, I am convinced that somebody would have noticed a random thorn on the floor and picked it up. Its just too much of a coincidence surely?

We put the vets on hold for the time being since she coughed the bits up but we’re just keeping a really close eye for the moment, and touch wood (pun intended) the noises have stopped and she seems right as rain. Seriously had me so worried though!



Besides the crazy week though, I have had a bit of a sort out with Polly’s stuff in hope to ‘move on’ from the baby puppy stage. I had a 10% off voucher for Pets At Home that I wanted to redeem as I needed a few bits. Firstly I wanted to buy Polly a proper mattress for her crate now she is practically clean.


While she was still having lots of accidents we just used temporary bedding but as a treat for improving I wanted to buy her something a bit more grown up. She really prefers this posh new mattress in her crate, I think its cosier for her so she settles really nicely in there.  As well as temporary bedding I was also using lots of basic blankets for her as they were only getting dirty where she was little, but now she’s better trained I’ve got out her grown up blankets that I’ve been saving!


I bought her a personalised pug blanket with her name on ages ago but I didn’t want it spoiled straight away so I saved it until she was a bit bigger, no time like the present! I also got some big blankets from Primark, one is brown with paw prints and one is pink with white spots and they were only about £3 each and they’re great quality – soft and thick, another Primark bargain obviously. I got my mum to cut them both in half for Polly so they made four medium sized blankets rather than two big ones. They look really nice!


I’ve also sorted out the top of Polly’s crate which had quite frankly become a dumping ground over the last month. While accidents were frequent we needed everything in quick, easy access to us. This meant we had paper rolls, baby wipes, nappy bags, treats and what not all piled on the top of her crate looking a bit of a shambles. I’ve now organised all of her stuff together in some sort of order. It looks so much better! Collars and leads have all gone in a pug bag rather than just lying about on the side.


Like so.


And speaking of leads, I finally bought Polly an extendable one this week after seeing how handy they were last Sunday at the park with everyone. I cannot tell you how glad I am I got this lead, its so much comfier to hold, its practical and well pink!


Toilet bags are now in a handy box.


And then everything else ended up in this mini Cath Kidston bag.


It looks miles better!


She’s also grown a fair amount in the last month:


Here are her current measurements:
– Height – 9” / 22.8cm.
– Neck – 12”/ 30.4cm.
– Tummy – 15”/ 38.1cm.
– Leg (Front) – 6”/ 15.2cm.
– Body (Neck to tail) – 10”/ 25.4cm.


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