Pink Gear

I sat with my laptop quite literally on my lap pondering over an inspiring post title but ended up just going with Pink Gear. There seems to be a lot of pink in all of my pictures from today so I thought I should just go with it. Anyway onto today, I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish the last twenty four hours with an annoying sore throat niggling at the back of my mouth. It sounds pathetic doesn’t it? But you can really feel sorry for yourself over silly little illnesses can’t you? My alarm went off at 6.30 this morning and I felt like shit, not a cool way to start my weekend off.


A number of things on top of my sore throat were getting to me and Saturday started on a rather grumpy tone for me. Then I just thought, my mood is just spoiling the day for everyone and at the end of the day its a sore throat. Life goes on. (However much I wanted to crawl back in bed for a duvet day.)

I cleared up my mood and thankfully my day has been much improved. I started off by giving my nails a manicure and dusting my eyes with some powder and mascara. Sometimes getting ready for the day can just improve my mood slightly too, at least I don’t look so rough. Emphasis on the ‘so’ there mind you.

Mum and I went to Sainsbury’s for the food shopping and this is sort of where I got the inspiring idea for this post title. My mum was busy pushing the trolley looking at the scruffy shopping list I had conjured up while my eyes drifted off down the garden isle (a couple of years ago I literally would have died to think I was going to become a gardener honestly) where I saw these bad boys! Perfect for my plot! Pink gardening gear is definitely very me. Actually anything pink is very me…


In regards to my little gardening hobby, the propagator Mum and I started last week is already coming to life, I couldn’t believe it when I had a sneaky peak at it! Lots of little seedlings popping up!


One is really big! Its one of the pumpkin seeds and so me and mum are joking that we need to hurry up or a pumpkin might suddenly pop out. If only it were that quick, I loved fresh pumpkin in the autumn for soup, amazing!


Polly’s been teething the past few days and so I was desperate to get out the house today to occupy her little brain. We stayed pretty local and did a small walk around the country park.


It really doesn’t feel like it most of the time, but we live so closely to a lot of lovely countryside. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air a lot. It was breezy and cool but very refreshing.


We kept it fairly short today following a 1.5km trail.


More pink gear.


Semi-pink Superdry hoody was in order today too.


Hope you’re all having a good Saturday x


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