A Good Decision

Don’t you just love it when you look back on something, and think ‘Yes, I made a good decision there.’ I admit these moments aren’t common, but that just makes them even sweeter. I had this feeling rush over me yesterday evening when Polly and I came back from her obedience class. It was the end of an eight week course (we started a couple of weeks late mind you) and so it was an assessment night, reviewing how all the dogs are getting on.


Now, it was only just over a month ago that I was umming and errring about whether I should even take Polly to puppy classes. I had no idea what they would be like or whether they would actually be beneficial at all. But I can firmly say now that I made a very good decision when I gave obedience classes a go with Polly. I’m so glad that I just tried it because I never would have known otherwise. Plus I can fully confirm that they are hugely beneficial. I plan to write a full post all about the classes in the near future as I would love to help spread the word.

Anyway, Polly did me proud last night in her assessment and showed everyone just what a good, well behaved pug she can be. She was extremely focused on me the entire time and so she performed all of the commands very smoothly.  The evening to me was proof that with the right help, time and patience you can come a long way. I’ve never had dogs before so I entered this new adventure in my life on a very clueless step. But that made me determined to get it right though as I felt like I owed it to myself and Polly to get her trained and help make her an all round lovely pet for me and others around me.


I’m amazed that I’ve gone from never having a dog in my life to training one to do all of these things for me, and that has been a very rewarding incentive. Polly received her very first rosette at the end of the night, and it felt like solid evidence that the two of us are both doing something right!

Obviously our names our down to pick up the next course straight away! I love it when you know you’re making a positive impact on something x


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