Little Signs Of Life

Hello, how is your week going so far? Monday whizzed by and Tuesday has gone the same way! I’ve been in a pretty good mood after a fun weekend, if you’re catching up you can find my weekend posts here and here. Speaking of the weekend I forgot to write about how we got on at the allotment Saturday. It was a sunny warm morning, and I felt like a right gardener when I got home and saw that I caught the sun on my nose and cheeks! Good job I don’t mind the sun giving me freckles or I’d be annoyed right now…


Our family allotment, or more specifically my Mum’s plot is coming together rather nicely and it actually feels as though we’re getting somewhere now there is stuff planted in the ground slowly growing. The daffodils are all out adding a nice splash of yellow to the place.


Not only are there little signs of life with our colourful daffodils, but some of our fruit trees are also showing signs of life too with little leaves budding. This is promising! Smile


However not so promising is the fact that there are absolutely no signs of life on my own plot yet! That is because of all the work going on at the site – I can’t start on my own plot because the diggers and machines have to be driven across it to build the road at the side. This has inevitably postponed any progress I would have made for at least another month, which is a bit of a bummer but in the meantime I wont get too coped up worrying about what I could be doing in starting my plot when there are plenty of little jobs I can do to prepare myself while I’m waiting.

Propagating all our seeds is a good example of a job I need to crack on with,


Well actually, my mum did this job with me on Saturday afternoon as we hadn’t done it before so she did it for the first time to see what was the best way to do it. I watched as she filled the propagator with soil (approximately 3/4 full) and then watered it, then she added the seeds like these lettuce seeds below:


Once they were in she covered them with a little bit of soil and watered them once more. It looked a little bit of a fiddly process but I’m going to have a go with the next propagator that’s waiting in our garage! They now have the lid on them collecting plenty of moisture somewhere. And fingers crossed, in a couple of weeks time we should start seeing a few more signs of life in the propagator…. I hope we do!


Seeing how well everyone is doing on their plots is only making me more eager to start work on my own! Especially because I have a good idea of what I want to do with it now as I created a plan for it a couple of weeks ago, oh well. I’ve just got to be patient I suppose. And if I’m sensible I will use the extra time I have wisely to organise myself… easier said than done? I think so. Watch this space……


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