A Dog Filled Weekend–Part Two

You ready for some more doggy talk? Well good because I’ve got lots to say! This morning The Trees took a trip to Shorne Country Park for a big old doggy tweet-up and it was fabulous. The weather was grim and chilly but we all had a lovely time to make up for it. The dogs behaved absolutely brilliantly – they all got on so nicely, just goes to show how well natured they all are.


We all met in the car park just after 11. There is something quite surreal about meeting new friends from the internet, my eyes were scanning the cars for familiar faces! Firstly, I recognised the magnificent Italian Spinone, Baldrick who would be quite impossible to miss with the size of him! Baldrick was introduced to us by the lovely Lynda, his fur mum who came straight over to meet us. Polly is about the size of Baldrick’s tail! But she wasn’t afraid to say hello though! I loved Baldrick’s personality, it reflected the size of his body perfectly: big, bouncy and boisterous! Just so much fun.


As we met Lynda and Baldrick, Briar the Irish Terrier came over at the same time to be introduced with fur mum Ruth. Briar was lovely and friendly with little Polly and had a wonderful coat which felt very different to what I’m used to with pugs. Everyone loved Briar’s lead which was a red and green rope agility training type one. Very smart.


While Baldrick and Briar were saying hi I recognised Jo drive past us. You know what that means, time to meet Arthur Pug! I know this sounds silly because I have a pug myself now, but I still feel really excited when I meet new pugs because you just don’t see these curly tailed lovelies enough!


Arthur is an apricot fawn pug so he is a lot more tanned than Polly, you can see the difference in their colour below. Polly was quite taken with Arthur.


Ruth’s Mum Heather also came along with her dog Bambi who is a Pug/Shih Tzu/Jack Russell combo, who was a sweet soft little thing!


Last to arrive was Jessica with her two pugs Mollie and Snuggles! Finally our big group was all together and ready to explore Shorne Country Park!


All of the grown up dogs, meaning everyone apart from Polly came off the leads and they all had great fun running free. It was lovely to watch the dogs all roaming together and playing like they were best buds. Smile


I find it fascinating the way that dogs react to the world, everything must be so different in their eyes. A few sniffs is all it takes and then just like that they’re bouncing off together playfully like long lost friends. Its so innocent. Sometimes I wonder if it would be nicer if human relationships were that simple.


I’m not a greatly social person to be honest, I’m the first person to admit that and its something that doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m a bit of an oddball teenager who has floated through life as one of those unconventional people who doesn’t crave going out partying or the company of my peers – I’m quite content with my own company. On saying that, of course there is a part of me that desires company other than from my family and Gary. I just never really feel as though I ‘fit in’ and so naturally I was a little bit nervous about meeting new people today.


I was worried that it might be awkward but I was so pleasantly surprised by how natural it was to talk to everyone today, it made a change to actually fit in for once. We had our dogs in common, which in my opinion is a very good thing to have in common! The atmosphere was so relaxed and easy. Seriously feel like I met some genuine nice people today.


Great to see all the dogs and people bonding!



The little,


To the not so little!



Some got friendlier than others…


With lots of bum-sniffing from Arthur Pug. BOL!







Good times! Open-mouthed smile


After a little while everyone decided to head back. The weather seemed to settle so we stopped and ate a picnic on the benches. Mum packed us bacon and ketchup rolls with some snacks and Jo made a gorgeous banana loaf to share round! Great way to end the morning. 

I speak on behalf of myself and Polly when I say that it was a pleasure meeting everyone today and we can’t wait for our next TweetUp! x x


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