A Dog Filled Weekend–Part One

Hi, I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend whatever you’re up to! My weekend has been pretty, erm doggy just sprang to mind but I don’t quite think it would come across exactly how I mean it… Doggy in the sense that this its been all about the four legged creatures. Yesterday Mum and I made a visit to the allotment, and the weather was just beautiful, (post coming on this at another point in the week as I can’t fit everything in) but in the evening I went out with Gary’s family for his Dad’s birthday. We went to go and watch the greyhounds racing! I’ve never been before so I was looking forward to seeing what it was all about.


We arrived early, just after six thirty as we were all sitting down to a three course meal. The meal was in this large dining area which overlooked the grounds outside so you could just about see the miniscule figures of the six greyhounds charging round the course. For a better look there were plenty of television screens scattered around the place.


I’m not really a betting kind of woman, and I didn’t really understand the nitty gritty business of the bets so I just sat and watched for the evening. Gary and his family on the other hand were really getting into it!


Each time a race occurred the lights dimmed in the restaurant hall, ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ was bellowed into the speakers moments before the dogs began. As you can imagine there was a lot of kerfuffle as the greyhounds took to the course. Everyone was cheering their dogs on, shouting and generally being merry. It was quite good fun even as a non-gambler.


On the table there was a programme that included all of the dogs names and like their history of winning I think, I really didn’t get too into all of that stuff but I did pick a dog for Gary for one of the races. Obviously I don’t understand all the small print but the name stood out ‘Knock Em Dead’ number 6…


My eyes were obviously on number six especially for this race.


‘Who Let The Dogs Out… Note     And they were off!


Ha! Number six struggled the entire way round but by some miracle absolutely pelted it for the last bit and clearly I was Gary’s lucky charm as number six won! It was Gary’s only win of the night…..


Too bad he only bet a pound! Another thing that felt like it was only worth a pound was the average food that was dished up. I didn’t have high expectations for it and as predicted it was mediocre. The waitresses were really pushing for us to hurry up and pick off a very limited menu so they could quickly get the food out.


Oh well, it was all good fun! And I had a chance to catch up with the other half’s family…



My nose and cheeks caught the sun yesterday! Lobster alert.


We stayed until all sixteen races were over, which was at about ten last night. Unfortunately by the time race number ten rolled around I had lost my enthusiasm for the racing, if you’re not betting its the same old thing. I kept thinking about how I was losing an hours sleep tonight which was making me very tired! Hoping I didn’t nod off at any point towards the end of the night, apart from in the car on Gary’s shoulder perhaps.


On saying that it was definitely an interesting and fun night, and it made a change from going to the Beef Eater like we usually do for a Thomas Birthday Winking smile

Today we’re having a tweet up with dog-friends from twitter! Its a puppy-play date! Someone’s very excited…Part two coming later!


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