Pug Stats–Sixteen Weeks

As promised, here is this week’s Pug Statistic post or in other words the puggy update! I mentioned yesterday what a busy week this has been for us and we’re about to have an even busier weekend so I knew if I didn’t do the post now I would never get round to doing it, and I would regret it if I skipped a week altogether! Every single week counts in a little puppy’s development as this series of posts has proven, and of course week sixteen will be no different.


Week fifteen was such a good week for Polly! Her training is coming along fantastically (discussed in more detail below) and she is just generally doing so well. However, I may surprise you in this week’s post by saying that Polly doesn’t seem to have grown a bit in the past week. Every post I seem to say how she has got bigger, but not this week! Just visually I can tell that she hasn’t grown, and the tape measure confirms this. Check out how she has measured up below.


Here are her current measurements:
– Height – 8” / 20.3cm.
– Neck – 11”/ 27.9cm.
– Tummy – 14”/ 35.5cm.
– Leg (Front) – 6”/ 15.2cm.
– Body (Neck to tail) – 10”/ 25.4cm.

Exactly the same as last week! Strange that she doesn’t seem to have grown in the last week. We haven’t changed anything in terms of her feeding routine, she still has her recommended three meals a day at the moment. However I wondered that maybe because of the nicer weather the increased amount of exercise she must be getting has slowed her growth down? We walk her every day now, so be it only a fifteen minute route round the block but it must count for an animal her size?


Polly in the down command showing off her beautiful dark facial markings.


Training Attempts:
– Going to the toilet.
– Going to bed in her crate.
– Sitting when told.
– Sitting down.
– Sitting and Staying.
– Sitting and Waiting.
– Walking to heel.
– Leave it.
– Stand.

Training Outcomes:
– Well well well toilet training has come along rather nicely all of a sudden. Spring has been a blessing in helping toilet train Polly – everything has been so much easier without the freezing temperatures of winter. Time and patience has gone into getting Polly accustomed to going outside and I *finally* think that the ball has dropped, and she is practically clean now. Her bladder is noticeably more controlled, we have lots of dry nights now as apposed to the occasional dry night, and she often goes to toilet when we take her out walking too. Of course, we still have defiant or random accidents every now and then but generally speaking she has come in leaps and bounds in the last month concerning toilet training.
– No crate related problems.
– Polly performs sit with easy confidence now. We’ve kind of reached the stage now where we just have to maintain the command and work on developing it.
– I’ve also noticed that we’ve got a lot better with the down command recently too. Although I am quite often required to make a hand gesture to accompany the motion (by pointing to the floor) I still think that Polly has grasped the idea of down now as she can get straight into the position  when I say ‘down’ and point.
– Continues to do well with sit and stay commands, just have to work on maintaining and improving them.
– Heel work has been rather nice lately too, Polly has finally accepted the lead and enjoys it rather than begrudges it. I mentioned above that Polly is walked daily now so having Polly better trained to walk to heel has been much easier and enjoyable.
– Leave it has been a fairly new concept in the past few weeks in training classes. To teach Polly to ‘leave it’ the puppies all weave in and out of one another while on the lead with their owners telling them to leave the other dogs alone. Polly does well at leaving in her obedience training classes but when it comes to home and she is in one of her cheeky moods, it is as though ‘leave it’ is a totally alien concept to her.
– Another fairly unpractised command for Polly and I is stand. Not as familiar with this one so we get a bit of a blank expression when we ask for stand. But like everything on this list, with a bit of time and training a lot is possible!


(Above) Polly sitting and staying in the garden!

(Below) Standing in the garden.


Here’s to another week!


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