In The Countryside Or By The Sea

The week is slipping by again! Its Friday tomorrow! Goodness me time goes so quick its scary! So quickly in fact that I didn’t even realise what day it was until late this evening, Pug Stats! Polly is sixteen weeks old! Sadly I don’t have a magical pug stat post up my sleeve as I’ve been super busy this week, I do plan on posting one in the next couple of days but it may be another quickie I’ll see how it goes! Lots going on this week like starting my new job, classes, obedience training and an essay to get under my belt. Hate it when life comes in the way of doing the things you enjoy (like blogging!)


Anyway, today I worked an early (6-2) so mum watched Polly for the majority of the morning until I finished work this afternoon. When I was home at two my mum had some work to do in Herne Bay so Polly and I tagged along for the journey. When she was finished we wondered along to the sea front and had a quick coffee.



Today reminded me again of how much that I want to live in the countryside or by the sea. One day….


Grub for the day; delicious homemade cheesy cottage pie with my Grandma’s allotment-grown purple spouting broccoli, it was delicious!

Super fun weekend lined up; pub tomorrow with my boy, hopefully allotment Saturday then an evening with the in-laws and Sunday we’re having a pug tweet up! Exciting times! x


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