The Logical Way Of Painting A Rainbow

So, after yesterday’s mild disappointment I was determined to turn things around today and make myself glad that I bought my Nails Inc Set ‘I Can Paint A Rainbow.’ This time, I was going about it the right way though. I’m the first person to admit that yesterdays failed attempt was completely my own fault but I’m just putting that down to being too eager to try the set out. Today’s attempt was much more precise and logical. Below I have put together a step by step guide of exactly what I did to achieve a (much) better manicure.

Step One: The Essentials.


First things first, I went straight to the basics with my trusty old nail kit. This included filing the nails, shaping the nails and cleaning underneath the nails. After I did all of that I applied Vaseline hand and nail cream all over my hands, fingers, nails and cuticles. I left the cream to dry for a while before moving on to step two. Here are my nails at the first stage:


Step Two: Base Coat.


Now strictly speaking, I have never really been one for base coats but after yesterday I knew that I had to give it a stab. Although I don’t use base or top coats I knew that I had a few lying about in my nail box but they were all that old that when I tried them out last night they were all sticky and unusable. So before my aerobic class this morning I quickly called into Boots to buy the cheapest* manicure set I could get my hands on. As soon as I had chance I applied the base coat to my nails and left it to dry for ages to ensure it was smooth and strong. I probably left it at least an hour before I even went onto the next step.

Step Three: Colour.


Next stage was to actually apply the colour itself, and this was where the challenge came in because I wanted to make sure it looked good today. I chose the Walton Place shade this time. When applying the colour I tried to keep in mind the ‘three strokes approach’  this is to put the colour on in three smooth movements, starting with a stroke in the middle of the nail and then move out to the left and right sides. And this might sound really obvious to say but, I found out today that you really need to apply Nails Inc quite generously to your fingernails. My first coat of polish was quite thin and it looked very untidy still. Only afterwards when I started being more generous with the polish were the results becoming a lot better. In total, I ended up applying three coats of the colour until I was satisfied with it.

Step Four: Top Coat.


The last stage was to apply a top coat. I’ve always been a little bit dubious of base and top coats, but for the first time today I really have seen the benefits of them! Applying a lovely glossy top coat took the manicure from average to gorgeous. My fingernails finally looked finished!


The finished result:DSCN9893

Final thoughts:

So after all of this, what are my final thoughts on my Nails Inc set? Instead of doing a half hearted job I tried to do my manicure properly today and I can finally see what all the fuss is about concerning the Nails Inc brand. My nails really do look pretty damn good. The colour is gorgeous and it finally looks like I have a professional polish on my fingers rather than a tacky, chipped polish like yesterday. I’m just hoping that after all this effort they well stay looking this way for longer.

The advantages of doing this manicure properly are achieving nails that look professionally done. But the big disadvantage for me is that the whole thing has been VERY time consuming! My nails have got a total of 5 coats of nail varnish on them which as you can imagine has taken a hell of a lot of waiting about doing very little until they are dry. The question is, do I think it was worth it? Yes I think it was, but I don’t imagine that I will be doing these sorts of manicures too regularly because of the time it requires! I suppose it will make them that extra bit special right?

* Just in case you were interested, the base and top coats I bought from Boots were only  £4 for the set of both, which I thought was extremely reasonable considering you can’t even buy one Rimmel bottle of base coat for that price!

Thanks for reading I hope that you enjoyed this post a bit more than yesterday’s disappointed one!


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