I Can Paint A Rainbow

After reading Amy’s recent Nails Inc Haul I was instantly intrigued to try out the Nails Inc brand for myself for the first time. I’ve been meaning to try Nails Inc for absolutely ages but for some reason I never got round to it, but clearly the blogging community got me inspired once again. I was tempted to go straight online to Nails Inc and splash out and get a free gift, but I really couldn’t justify spending that much money at the moment. *Sigh* Anyway I had a search on the internet and found a website that does free worldwide delivery, and free delivery is always a bit of a win for me so I went for it. I was close to just ordering the exact same set that Amy reviewed because it looks so nice, but I decided to go for something a little different instead.


I bought a set called I Can Paint A Rainbow because it came with six cute and colourful polishes (the colours inside aren’t actually the ones advertised on the front of the box which I found a little strange but there you go!) Nevertheless the box is still bright and fun – a nice accessory to add to my nail draw in my dresser. The box opens up almost as if it were a book to reveal the six items and a baby nail file.

Here are the official descriptions of the shades:
– Kew Bridge Nail Polish – 4ml
 A gorgeous magenta tone set to sizzle this spring.
– West Circus Nail Polish – 4ml
 Embrace your girly side in this divine peach hue.
– Sumner Place Nail Polish – 4ml
 Turn it up a notch in this sunny yellow shade.
– Warwick Way Nail Polish – 4ml
 Treat yourself to this totally cute teal tone.
– Ebury Bridge Nail Polish – 4ml
Come over all light and breezy in this cute lilac hue.
– Walton Place Nail Polish – 4ml
 This sugary sweet candy pink shade is perfect for the sunnier months!


I was drawn to the set because I thought that it had a nice range of colours. They’re all very pretty and summery. This afternoon once the postman delivered my parcel my nails were all bare and ready to try a new coat of polish on, I debated to go with a pink shade but I was drawn in by the funky teal coloured one this afternoon.


I painted one coat of the polish to my nails, and I could see that ideally it was after a second coat to finish it off nicely. I was pleasantly surprised when the coat dried quickly, sometimes nail varnishes are stodgy and dry slowly which drives me crazy! But it was quick drying. I left my nails briefly and came back to do a second coat shortly afterwards.

They looked much better with a second coat and I was pleased with how they turned out. (I’m not taking a picture of my nails with the paint because my hands are in a horrible condition at the moment, but maybe when they’re looking a bit more moisturised)

Anyway about an hour passed, I did some uni reading and made myself a pot of tea. There was a tiny bit of washing up in the kitchen from over lunch time so I ran a bowl and quickly washed and dried my lunch stuff up. I was gutted when I looked down at my hands to see that three or four fingers were already chipped at the end! I couldn’t believe that they were chipping already! I am definitely a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my nails and I hate nothing more than chips, so I was really annoyed with myself because I feel like I need to get rid of it all and start a new coat of paint now.


Part of me was a tiny bit annoyed as well because I thought well these nail varnishes aren’t exactly cheap so I thought that they may have had a bit more wear in them?! I’m constantly going to be using my hands so I would like to know that my nail varnish isn’t going to chip at the tiniest opportunity.

Now maybe I went about doing this the wrong way and it was my own fault that they chipped? I personally never use a base coat for nail varnish but maybe in this case I need to? Maybe you can advise me or have some tips on protecting nails from chipping because otherwise I would have been really chuffed with my Nails Inc set! I feel like I spoiled it for myself? Or perhaps I’m just too critical of my own nails. I get very picky with nail varnish!

I’m not going to give up on Nails Inc because the set is beautiful, I’m going to forget about this chipped attempt and start again tomorrow!

Hopefully I get on better the second time round as I really want to love this product… fingers crossed. As I said above if you have any tips feel free to let me know! x


3 thoughts on “I Can Paint A Rainbow

  1. Hi hun, thanks for mentioning my blog, I love this collection too! Chippage though?? Aaarrrggghh I hate it!! I never used to use a base coat or a top coat until I got the Model’s Own 3 in 1 base coat, top coat and shine in a Model’s Own collection at Christmas. I only use this as a top coat but it’s soooo good! I can get a good 3/4 days out of my nails before they start to wear and chip and I type all day! Give it a go and see what you think 🙂 xxx

  2. Omg chipped nails are soo annoying I thought I was just being a drama queen but I see I’m not alone! lol. Oh thanks for the tip I may have to give that a go! I just posted an update as I tried again today with my nails inc set using a bog standard boots base and top coat and it transformed the way it looked so Im much happier! xxx

  3. If you are looking for some really nice spring/summer colours.. i have just bought a really nice tangerine and greeny colour from all well an good in dockside.. they have some realllly nice colours! had to stop myself at 2 though unfortunately as they were 4 pounds each.
    The range is called exposed and they look like OPI bottles.
    They come up so nice with a topcoat.. last around 3 or maybe more days but as soon as i get a teeny chip in one i have to take it off.

    Bec 🙂 xxx

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