A Handmade Gift

Hello and a very happy Mother’s Day to you all!


I think that I am becoming one of those people who occasionally gives quirky little gifts. Good quirky though. Personally I quite like receiving quirky gifts because I think they’re fun – heck I got a packet of courgette seeds for one of my Christmas presents last year. I must get the trait from my mum. Speaking of my mum, I hardly ever know what to buy her and Mother’s day is always especially tough! Last Mothering Sunday I had to resolve to buying her favourite face cream for her, my ideas were that pressed. This year I tried to be a bit more creative, for Mother’s Day.

I racked my brain for ideas and the first thing that came to mind was our allotment, its starting to come together now but I thought a few decorative touches wouldn’t go amiss. I searched online at garden accessories but nothing really caught my attention until I saw a pretty garden sign crop up in one of my eBay searches. Yes a sign for our allotment was exactly what I had in mind! Definitely a bit more exciting than face cream don’t you think? The signs are beautifully handmade by Sals Custom Signs (the business is on eBay but be sure to check out the website too). I also got my Grandma one and both Mum and Grandma were rather chuffed by their signs.


After they opened the presents we were all talking about what a good idea the signs were, and they prompted me to write a review of them, here on my blog! A friendly recommendation never hurt anyone, right?

Firstly, you can pick a message that you want to go on the sign itself by contacting directly through eBay and there is also an email address on the website for further enquiries. Adding your own message makes it a special gift as you can select a unique phrase that suits you or the person you are buying for. For my Mum’s sign I chose the message, ‘The Tree’s Family Allotment’ as we work on our allotment as a family so I felt it was more than appropriate. Pretty neat eh?


Then you chose an image that you want to go on your sign, there are a few options available. It all depends what you want your sign for! If its maybe just for the garden you can pick flowery images or maybe like me its a gift for someone’s allotment so there are images of vegetables to pick from.

I’ve also seen that there are signs for your dogs or workshops so there’s a fair bit to select from. Maybe you want to have just one picture on your sign? Just ask and I’m sure this can be sorted out for you! I would like to recommend the great service and communication I received from Sals Custom Signs, I can only speak positive words about the whole experience shopping with this eBay member.

One last thing you had to decide on was if you want the signs to be made with rope or brass hanging plates. Personally I preferred the quaint look of the jute rope so I opted for that instead of the plates. But again its up to you what you order, all signs are made to your requests!


As soon as I placed my order I was anticipating how they were going to look, and I was impressed to hear regular updates on how the signs were coming along. Postage and packing was brilliant: very reasonably priced, quick and arrived safe and sound protected in bubble wrap – exactly what I like to see.

Before I wrapped the gifts in that pretty pink paper I had to have a cheeky glance for myself at the final outcome of the signs. They were exactly what I had in mind! Everything from the smart appearance to the smooth finish was completely well made. Thanks for making my Mum and Grandma happy this mother’s day Sals Custom Signs! And readers who are stuck for gift ideas during these spring/summer months, have I not yet persuaded you enough what a cute idea these personalised signs are?

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave a comment below on my review or Tweet @GraceyBlossom.


I do not take any credit for the two images of the signs above, they are pictures from eBay (if you click on them the link takes you straight to the page) as I was very pleased to see that item is being advertised using a picture of the sign I requested!


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