My Battle For Good Skin

Hi everyone, how was your week? You can usually tell from my face whether its been a good week on the exercise front. Its a sad truth that for me sweat = spots, and I’ve sweat a whole load this week! Physically I feel great, probably the fittest I’ve ever been. But my skin looks like its kinda angry at me. When I work out a lot the sweat makes my skin really spotty and blotchy. Okay technically I only have about four spots on my face and I may sound like I’m being dramatic but generally speaking I have good skin so four spots is a big flipping deal.


So not only am I battling to stay fit and keep off the weight now I’m battling to have good skin too! I have two options: Option one is to be lazy, unfit and have great skin or option two is to stay active, maintain a good figure but have spots. Hmmmm. Tough call. What would you pick?


I think I’ll go with option two! I just love exercise so I’ll have to zap the spots with some TCP and pray they go away Smile

This Week’s Workouts:
Monday – Mix And Match.
Tuesday – Aerobic Body Conditioning.
Wednesday – Pilates.
Thursday – Swimming.
Friday – Power Yoga.
Saturday – Off.
Sunday – Off.

I’ve been on fire with the workouts this week! Four Classes and swimming! Therefore I am taking a rest weekend, well a rest from exercising anyway but I’m at work Saturday and Sunday doing the Early.

Have a great weekend guys x


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